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The theatres are finally opening up in Maharashtra tomorrow much to the extent that I can’t hold my excitement. Lets hope things return to normalcy and the alleged third wave of the pandemic does not arrive. And before the weekend starts, I decided to watch and review a movie that was in my backburner for months now. So, I finished watching Old which was the new movie directed by Manoj N Shyamalan who is known to pick interesting concepts and ending them with a twist, although not always successful. So then is Old worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Based on a French novel, Old follows the story of a group of tourists that are stuck on an island where they begin to age at a rapid rate. The story is an interesting one with a high concept. Sadly, it is the screenplay and its execution that is inconsistent. There is a considerable amount of buildup for a good 30 minutes which just dampens the mood. And once the action shifts to the beach, you did expect a lot more urgency in the proceedings with twists and turns against a great setup. But in turn what you get is a drama that is uninspiring filled with many scenes that really could have been executed better, much better! The standard Shyamalan twist in the pre-climax is interesting but the climax that follows is all too simple and doesn’t leave the required impact. Overall, a missed opportunity.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues aren’t much impactful. The BGM is alright although not memorable. The cinematography is pretty good and captures some scenic visuals pretty well. Manoj N Shyamalan misses the mark here. He had an interesting subject at hand but his weak execution nullifies its impact!


The performances are pretty good here. Nikki Amuka-Bird as Patricia does a pretty nice job. Ken Leung as Jarin looks to be in control. Abbey Lee as Chrystal is alright, so is Thomasin Mckenzie as Maddox. Alex Wolfd as Trent is goos, Rufus Sewell as Charles is a little over compensating. Vicky Krieps as Prisca and Gael Garcia Bernel as Guy both are excellent. So a green tick in the report card here.


Old had an interesting concept but its shoddy execution dilutes its impact making it an average watch.

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