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Nazar Andaaz

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend and it has been that kind of a weekend where the new releasing aren’t stopping or slowing down. With that I finished watching the new Hindi film Nazar Andaaz that is now streaming on Netflix. Now this film did have a low key theatrical release in October and I really felt that this should have directly premiered on OTT which would have garnered a lot of eyeballs given its emaculate cast.

Kumud Mishra is one of the finest performers in the Hindi circuit currently and I was thrilled to know that he was starring in this film wherein he had two other power packed performers Abhishek Banerjee and Divya Dutta for company. If I had my way, I would have watched this film i  a theatre. But the shows were just so limited that I had no option but to patiently wait for its OTT release. But to my surprise, even the OTT release just went under the radar to an extent. Having said that, we are Popcorn Reviewss are doing our bit to talk about the film. But given our unbiased approach, does Nazar Andaaz manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Nazar Andaaz follows the story of a visually impaired man who must choose an heir from the two househelps at his place. Whom will he choose? The story here is simple yet heartfelt and makes for a nice little watch. The screenplay of about a 100 minutes does make for a breezy watch although there are a few flaws here and there.

The drama opens with a voiceover wherein you get a fair idea that this film will be a bit of a tear jerker. Soon you are introduced to one of the three protagonists who is a pick pocketer, only to be rescued by a blind man who offers him a job at his place. The proceedings are slightly far-fetched were the foundation for the drama is a bit wobbly. If you are willing to keep aside a little part of the logic then the drama will keep you invested at the beginning.

The events unfolding are breezy with the drama designed to be more of a conversational one. But time and again you get a feeling that the heart of the drama is in its right place. The conversations that do unfold have a sense of philosophy and nostalgia to it. There are smaller heartwarming moments in the screenplay although the humour does fall flat to an extent.

The surprise roadtrip is almost like a metaphor taking you down memory lane that had a warm vibe to it instantly. Be it reconnecting with your lost love or reliving your childhood and having your favourite dish, the proceedings did feel like a long embrace. The protagonist who was visually impaired was reliving his life through the eyes of his two other “friends” in a life changing experience for the latter. I really did feel that some amount of effort could have been spent in giving a background of Bhavani(which was done through dialogues only). The audience would have been able to connect to her character a little better. But the events lead to an emotionally moving final act that does leave you with a bittersweet feeling even though you kind of do predict it given the first scene that is used as a foreshadow. But overall, the screenplay is decently well written.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational and pretty good, however it would not have hurt if the lines were a little more sharper. The music and BGM are decent. The cinematography is pretty good and captures the vibe of the drama really well. Director Vikrant Deshmukh has done a good job in creating several heartfelt moments despite moments of unevenness.


The performances are the biggest strength of the film. Rajeshwari Sachdev is excellent in an extended cameo. Abhishek Banerjee as Ali proves yet again that he is such a natural onscreen and an actor that posseses a wide range of emotions. He is very affable and sincere and successfully manages to hide some of the flaws in the writing. Divya Dutta as Bhavana is a great actor herself and it was an absolute pleasure to watch her onscreen as always. Kumud Mishra as Sudhir is absolutely brilliant right from his mannerisms to the emotions of his character. The three of them have crackling chemistry which adds a lovely texture to the drama.


Nazar Andaaz is a sweet little gem that deserves to be watched for its splendid performances. Available on Netflix.

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