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Mulshi Pattern

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It is a start of another week and we are already feeling the blues like you would be. But this week is special because there are a bunch of remakes that are lined up for the coming weekend. Right from the Telugu remake of Drishyam 2 titled Drushyam 2 to Chhorii, an official remake of the Marathi horror film Lapachapi to the theatrical release Antim which is an official remake of the now cult Marathi film Mulshi Pattern, we have all of them covered. Speaking of which I finished watching the Marathi film Mulshi Pattern 5 days before its Hindi remake. And what is more is that the film completes three years tomorrow(23rd Nov). I have to admit as I was late to the party, I had heard many good things about the film. Is the film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Mulshi Pattern follows the story of a simpleton who is the son of a farmer and his journey in becoming a criminal and a social outcast. The story is hard-hitting and also relevant as it showcases the plight of the farmers which is gut wrenching. The screenplay unfolds in a non-linear pattern which for me was refreshing to watch. Had the screenplay been more conventional, the plot would have seemed to be that more predictable. But here the twists and turns definitely does keep you hooked and booked. One might argue that despite this, we have already seen similar sort of gangster films in the past. But this one tackles some of the farmer issues along with a bunch of other issues that makes it a compelling watch. On the downside, the pace slackens that wee bit in the middle where certain sequences are repeated. Some of the sequences could have been chopped off which wpuld have reduced the overall runtime of 2 hours and 26 minutes. But the extended climax at the end more than makes up for everything. It was a nail biting final act that ended in a heartbreak. Overall, a hard-hitting and compelling screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are exceptional and a fine balance between them being in the commercial space and being poignant. The emotional thread that is maintained is backed with some emotional lines as well that makes an instant impact. The music is good and so is the BGM. The action sequences are raw and nicely choreographed. Director Pravin Tarde does a fine job in what turns out to be a gripping drama.


The performances are top notch. Mohan Joshi as Sakha Patil delivers a heartfelt performance that is equally gut wrenching. Mahesh Manjrekar aa Shirpya excels in a cameo. Upendra Limaye as Inspector Kadu is good in a limited screentime. Which brings me to think – Antim will not be a Salman Khan film(who would be essaying Upendra Limaye’s character) as it was seen in its trailer. The lead and with maximum screentime would be Ayush Sharma. So do not go in with that expectations. Dipti Dhotre as Mangal and Malvika Gaekwad as Dipali have small but powerful roles and both are excellent in it. Kshitij Date as Ganya has his moments to shine. But in an incredibly towering act, it is Om Bhutkar as Rahul who is outstanding. He has so many shades to his character and so many emotions to play with and he does full justice to it. This is a brilliant acting masterclass right here!


Mulshi Pattern is a Hard-Hitting and Socially Relevant film that hits all the right notes in terms of its emotions. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended.

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