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Modern Love Hyderabad

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Onto the next release of the weekend and I just finished watching the new Telugu Anthology Modern Love Hyderabad. This is second in the series of the Modern Love renditions with Modern Love Mumbai being the first. I had quite enjoyed Modern Love Mumbai simply because along with engaging stories, I could feel a lot of the Mumbai vibes in its tale. And so I was looking forward to Modern Love Hyderabad which would showcase to me its beautiful city along with equally engaging stories. Now, I haven’t yet been to Hyderabad even though I wish to visit one day and the only renditions of the city that I am familiar is through films and a couple of documentaries. So I was hoping this anthology series would help me feel the vibe of the city. So then is Modern Love Hyderabad worth your time, lets find out in our standard Anthology Template!

My unlikely pandemic dream partner

A Story of a daughter and her estranged mother who are forced to stay under one roof following the lockdown due to Covid-19. The story here is really heartwarming and organic and it is reminiscent of my bond with my father making it quite relatable. It is amazing what the pandemic has done to families – it has brought them closer and this is one such story. The screenplay is packed with several heartwarming moments which gently tug the strings of your heart. It begins with misunderstanding leading upto acceptance. And I loved the way they incorporated the food of the city in its narrative which gave a lovely vibe of Hyderabad in a screenplay that ends on such a heart touching note that it made me all teary eyed. The BGM is really good here. Director Nagesh Kukunoor really hits the bullseye by holding the narrative together without making it melodramatic. Nithya Menen and Revathy both have done a brilliant job and their gentle banter was a treat to watch. This short really leaves a mark and is one of my favourites!

Rating: 4/5

Fuzzy, purple and full of thorns

Easily the weakest short of the lot – a story of a young couple living together until the girl finds a pair of purple stilettos in their cupboard. The problem with this story is that the representation of the city is through the character of a friend who speaks in a hindi, urdu and telugu dialect. Also the humour here just falls a bit flat especially in the first half of the series. The screenplay opens on a good note but it quickly heads south after the conflict is introduced. To be fair, the short does manage to regain lost ground with a nice little logical message of learning to let go of things and not hold onto it but it just doesn’t seem all that organic. Director Nagesh Kukunoor does a fair job but is unable to create the magic of the first tale. The performances by Aadhi and Ritu Varma is good particularly towards the end but overall this short misses the mark!

Rating: 2.5/5

Why did she leave me there?

Another one of my favourite shorts – a story which I will keep it under wraps to allow you to experience the story without any preconceived notions. The story is a tear-jerker and I was absolutely involved it in right from the time the flashback begins. The screenplay just stutters at the very beginning but then all the emotions kick in once the flashback begins. It made me reminiscent of my grandma and how much I miss her even today. The heartfelt moments are engaging and they are sure to embrace you throughout this short. The proceedings will real and thankfully the vibe of the city is retained in a more nostalgic fashion in a drama that ends on a beautiful note. The music is just so beautiful and I will probably revisit it soon as well! Director Nagesh Kukunoor is just brilliant with his skills as he is successfully able to bring out the right kind of emotions. Suhasini and Naresh Agastya are absolutely fantastic summing up a short which tops the list.

Rating: 4/5

What clown wrote this script!

A Story of a creative producer who falls in love with a standup comic. Will love blossom even with creative differences ? The story here oozes of the hip vibe of the city. I really enjoyed the freshness presented in the story!  The screenplay is definitely able to retain the tone of the drama pretty well. And this results in several moments which are engaging and engrossing keeping the love angle intact. On the downside, the standup comedy is unfunny and a little bland and it doesn’t really reflect the reaction which we get onscreen. But there is much to love in this short including the romance between the two leads and them bonding over films in film festivals along with the twists and turns of a modern day relationship. The BGM beautifully blends itself in the drama. Director Uday Gurrala does a splendid job here in keeping the vibe of the drama fresh throughout. Abijeet and Malvika Nair have sizzling chemistry between them and both of them have a charming presence and do a swell job! This short is definitely worth your time!

Rating: 3.5/5

About that rustle in the bushes

A story of a girl searching for a life partner with an overprotective father on her heels! This story would be relatable to many of the girls who do have overprotective fathers. The screenplay here is slightly disjointed. While the vibe of the city is decently well caught, the way the relationship between the father and her daughter is presented, it definitely could have been better. I would want to bring the reference of the third short here – the bond between the child and the grandma was beautifully represented through a series of sequences. Here, it begins like a comedy but by the end of it, the sudden tonal shift doesn’t help its cause. But individually there are enough moments in the screenplay which hit home and make this short decently watchable! Director Devika Bahudhanam has done a decent job although there was a definite scope for improvement. Ulka Gupta is absolutely brilliant and really affable and she definitely scores in this short! Overall a decent watch!

Rating: 3/5

Finding your penguin

A Story of a girl desperately searching for her soulmate following her breakup. The story here may not be very novel but its treatment is really fresh and unique. The entire love angle is equated with animals which makes for a hilarious and a unique watch. The screenplay is quite entertaining with many moments which will either make you chuckle or put a smile on your face. The fact that you actively start searching for your soulmates following a breakup is itself a relatable thought and a natural one. So the message at the end is also a good one. Director Venkatesh has done a brilliant job here simply by giving this not so novel tale a novel treatment. His direction definitely has a lot of flair. And yhe short is backed by a stupendous performance by Komalee Prasad who is quite brilliant here. Overall, a nice little short which will keep you entertained throughout.

Rating: 3.5/5

Modern Love Hyderabad is another anthology with some feel good shorts. More precisely, this is a story of 2 standouts, 2 hits, 1 semi-hit and 1 miss! Available on Amazon Prime.

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