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Luv Ni Love Storys Revisited 1

Luv Ni Love Story's Revisited

Neha Unadkat

I am sure alot of you can relate to the title. I recently came across a movie which depicts the same feeling. Generally I watch a lot of movies and series and sometimes I do like to remember the nostalgia days when I used to watch Gujarati dramas with family. Therefore, if I come across a movie or a Gujarati play I do take time to watch. Gujarati cinema aka Dhollywood is coming up with some real good content. “Luv ni Love Story’s” is one such light hearted movie I recently watched. One reason to watch this was because of our hero Pratik Gandhi. Let’s find out what this is about!!

As the name suggests, this movie is about love stories of Luv Modi who is the krishna kanhaiya of the family surrounded by alot of pampering and love, especially the ladies of the family and neighbourhood. Luv returns to his hometown after 14 years of boarding school with a graduation in hotel management. He is now ready to fall in love and begins his journey to find his better-half. In the quest of finding love, he comes across different forms of relationships depicting friendship, heartbreak, frustration, irritation and loneliness. Luv’s best friend saumitra helps him with all the advice and support. The first love story starts when Luv falls for his neighbour Mishti. They become good friends after which Mishti took loves help to marry her boyfriend. Our hero luv who honors respect for women and friendship, feels happy for Mishti to have found her love.

With a broken heart, luv shifts to Mumbai and after dating for a few days, he meets Sonam, a neighbour in his society. Luv charmed her with his cooking skills and they became best friends. Making YouTube videos, outing together, cooking together, watching movies with just one another, luv felt like she is the one. Frankly for a second even I felt that this is how movie will end. But, there is a twist here as well. Career oriented Sonam, invited Luv to her friends sister’s wedding where she is a photographer. Luv thought this will be right time to propose Sonam. But Sonam rejects his proposal stating she always thought they were “just friends” and nothing more. Heart – broken Luv leaves Mumbai for his hometown.

Frustrated with his love life, Luv asks his family to arrange marriage proposals thinking he will fall in love after marriage. Luv meets Preeti in a cafe and narrates his love stories to her. Preeti claimed that he liked Luv, but then later rejects marriage proposal reasoning that he wants to know the old version of Luv, the happy-go-lucky and the most loved person he was. Saumitra, Luvs best friend suggests luv different ways to impress Preeti. Preeti tests luv with multiple scenarios for quite a good time. Luv’s family asks luv to move on, but luv wants to make one more attempt. Preeti invites Luv and his family for her parents 25th wedding anniversary where Sonam is the photographer who is also Preeti’s cousin.OMG!! too much of drama isn’t it? Angry attempting everything possible to win preeti, and giving the test Preeti asked for, Luv confronts Preeti. Eventually Preeti realizes Luv isn’t in love in Sonam anymore and only loves her, she confesses her love and proses to marry Luv. Finally, a happily ever after for Luv!!

The entire movie basically is a narration from Luv to his son. We have seen a lot of movies and series with narration but this one seems to be slightly different and more lively. Director Durgesh Tanna has done of a phenomenal job capturing love emotions at all instances. I enjoyed the music of this movie. It does have some good lyrics. 

This movie is single handedly on the shoulders of Pratik Gandhi as Luv Modi. His performance is pretty good as a young boy with roller coaster love life. Shraddha Dangar as Mishti is really cute girl next door depicting the first crush of every neighborhood guy. Vyoma Nandi as Sonam portraited one of the best performances in this movie. Deeksha Joshi as Preeti shows alot of confidence in her role. It seems she is living her character well. Hardik Sangani as Saumitra , luv’s best friend is funny and supportive at all times. Bhavini Jani as Luv’s grandmother is one of my favourite supporting character in the movie.

I am sure we all can relate to what Luv went through. Some of us were lucky to find our Love immediately and some of us were and are in the journey of discovery still. But I do believe that there is someone for everyone. We just have to wait and be patient to meet the best version of our soulmate.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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