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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend(is anyone keeping a count?), and I finished watching probably the most popular Tamil film of recent times, Love Today which is now streaming on Netflix. Ever since this film was out, the audience were going gung-ho about it and it may have had to do with the subject that the film was dealing with – a contemporary take on a modern day relationship.

Cell phones were once considered a luxury when they were launched in the early 2000s. Us 90s kids were probably the first generation to get acquainted with. I still remember the first cell phone which we had purchased was Nokia 2100 which at the time had some amazing games too. But then as the world got smarter, so did the cell phones. The ways of communication did shift from SMS to Whatsapp and later Instagram which is where we stand today. And it is these cell phones which are an integral part of our love lives as well where the smaller “exchanges” has become easy. But at the same times, cell phones have also done their bit in complicating our lives as well. And that is something that Love Today has tapped into. So then is Love Today worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Love Today follows the story of a couple who wish to get married only for the father of the bride to step in and ask them to exchange their cell phones for a single day of their lives. Will their love survive? The story is absolutely phenomenal and represents the millennial lingo and their ways of functioning brilliantly. The screenplay standing at almost 150 minutes might seem long but it makes for an entertaining watch!

The drama opens with the introduction of the two protagonists that represent the millenials of today’s time and are madly in love with one another. Supposedly, “trust” is what forms the core of their relationship. In a terrific sense of world-building, you are introduced to some of the other characters as well until the truth bomb drops. The couple are asked to live a day with each other’s cell phones before sealing their fate on their relationship. And that is when the fun begins.

The proceedings are engaging and outright hilarious. I was amazed at the level of detailing which was provided in the screenplay. We have all been a part of a generation(and still are) who have used cellphones to woo people around. Be it casual flirting or exchanging lovey-dovey messages or occasionally sliding in people’s DMs, we have done it all. Anyone who denies this fact in today’s times is clearly lying through their teeth. And all of this is wonderfully shown throughout the drama that has all its bases covered.

The key ingredient of the drama was its balanced narrative here. The drama did maintain an equilibrium while narrating the incidents of both the guy and the girl. Often dramas are tilted towards a particular gender but here it is well balanced and absolutely hilarious. I found myself laughing hysterically on more occasions than one. The humour is something that is effortless here, finding its groove in uncannily relatable moments. Even when the drama does take a serious turn towards the end, it doesn’t get too melodramatic which would then have been a tonal shift.

There is a beautiful subplot about the sister of the protagonist who is getting married off to a ‘not so good looking’ guy. And the dynamics of social media is well integrated in that track as well. But it is not only fun and play here. There are beautifully woven heartfelt moments that make you realise that this is what the core emotions of a relationship are, and not the one portrayed on social media. The final act draws a parallel to a case of a boy sowing a seed only to dig and check everyday about its progress. But the real essence is having faith that the tree will grow(implied for faith in your partner and relationships too) that results in a goosebump moment towards the dying minutes of the film. All in all, this was an excellent screenplay weaved around modern-day relationships.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues capture the lingo of our generation accurately thereby creating a lasting impact. The music is good as is the BGM. The cinematography, lighting and VFX are wonderful for a mid-budget film as this. Director Pradeep Ranganathan hits the nerve of today’s times perfectly. Understanding the pulse of the generation was important, and it shows in the detailing here. His direction is top notch in a drama that manages to hold your attention throughout.


The performances are excellent here. Sathya Raj is absolutely terrific. Radhika Saratkumar as Saraswathi has a heartfelt streak to her in a job well done. Yogi Babu as Dr. Yogi is endearing and really heartwarming. His character has a beautiful subplot that makes you empathize with him. Akshaya Udhaykumar has her moments to shine. Raveena Ravi as Divya is wonderfully understated and does an incredible job. Ivana as Nikhita looks pretty and delivers quite a nuanced performance with an incredible screen presence which she posseses. But it is Pradeep Ranganathan again who scores, this time in the acting department. He has a charming presence and makes for an excellent performance through his antics. His comic timing is on point as well which is a nice little add-on in his acting armoury.


Love Today is a brilliant take on the millennial romance of our generation today. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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