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Kadaseela Biriyani

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So if you have been following our reviews lately, we have been watching and reviewing a lot of International Content. So just to even things out a bit, I decided to watch the Tamil Film Kadaseela Biriyani on Netflix which had been sitting in my watchlist for a couple of weeks now. I had heard many good things about the film and finally I decided to give it a go. Before beginning let me tell you that I did not watch its trailer before watching the film and so I did not know what to expect. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Kadaseela Biriyani follows the story of three brothers who wish to take revenge for their father’s death. And that is the story. But it is such an interesting and deliciously pulpy watch that it goes beyond revenge. The screenplay is probably a mix between a Lijo Jose Pellisary film and a Guy Ritchie film. It might seem convoluted at the very beginning with no context shared about the revenge, you slowly get to know about it vaguely through the dialogues. While the first hour sets up the thrill elements right, the dark humour kicks in at the halfway mark with a hilariously jaw dropping sequence that will make you laugh hysterically. The proceedings are pulpy, something that is evident right at the start with a pink screen with mild disco lights presenting the title of the film. The second half gets a bit darker and murkier which dollops of violence integrated. But the good part is that the dark humour is present through and through to keep you engaged and entertained. A couple of subplots seem a bit half baked but that is fine.The one area where the film falls a little short of greatness is the final 10 minutes. The proceedings seemed to be hurried and mildly off track instead of a deliciously pulpy affair. But taking nothing away from the journey, this is a pretty good screenplay that will make you laugh while keeping you invested throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are witty and they will definitely make you smile and laugh as well. The BGM adds to the perfect setup with an element of mystery amd intrigue to the world created. The production design was a bit of a letdown but you need to be aware that this is a low budget film and so I will let that pass. Director Nishanth Kalidindi seems to be a fan of Lijo Jose Pellisary and Guy Ritchie. It is one thing to ape your favourite filmmakers but a totally different thing to create a world of your own that they would be proud of. And he does exactly that. The direction is exceptional and hope to watch more such films from his closet in the future.


The performances are excellent here. Vijay Sethupathi adds a lot of star power to this film with his little cameo. Dinesh Mani as Ila Pandi is hilarious and does a fabulous job. Vasanth Selvam as Periya is top notch and he does a brilliant job. Hakkim Shah as Johan, the eccentric lunatic maniac strikes a fine balance with humour and is just so fantastic in his role. Vijay Ram as Chikku is the only sane character who gets pulled in this mess and he is exceptional. You feel sorry for him but also laugh at the situation he finds himself in.


Kadaseela Biriyani is a bizarrely brilliant and pulpy film that falls a little short of greatness. Available on Netflix.

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