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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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What did I just watch? A family drama? A thriller? A Murder Mystery? All of the above?? This movie was recommended to me quite a while back and soce then it lay in my watchlist. The best part of this quarantine season is that it gives you an opportunity to wipe out a few films off your list and I am doing just that! The Malayalam film Joseph has alot to offer as mentioned earlier. It is successful….stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Joseph is the story of…..no not revealing any part of the story as it may act as a potential spoiler. But the story packs in many many genres and more importantly successfully. The screenplay is so so well written. One thing that I have observed in the movies from down South is that you more often than not are not aware of where the movie is heading. And that is the beauty of it, its unpredictability. What starts of as a routine drama turns on its head half way and only keeps ascending from there till a brilliantly cerebral yet a shocking finale. A true test of the audience’s intelligence on display! The dialogues are outstanding. The music is wonderful and really an icing on the cake. Director M Padmakumar has done a phenomenal job and he just hits the ball out of the park!


Dileen Pothan is underrated. Athmeeya Rajan is good, so is Sudhi Koppa. Madhuri Braganza looks pretty and has done a fine job! Joju George who plays Joseph has given a performance for the ages! Outstanding is an understatement! Internalising a role is never easy and he just excels! All other performances are pretty good!


Joseph is another winner from the Malayalam industry. The suspense just keeps you hooked right till the end and that ending will send shockwaves and also be an eye opener! Available on Amazon Prime and highly highly recommended!

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