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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Thank God It Is Friday and we are beginning the weekend with a bang! With that I have finished watching the new Hindi series Farzi directed by one of my favourite director duos – Raj and DK. And invariably you would trust them to pull off a casting coup every single time. So after the much successful second season of The Family Man, Raj and DK are back with another series Farzi featuring Shahid Kapoor in his OTT debut along with Vijay Sethupathi and Kay Kay Menon. It won’t be wrong to say that this is in a way a dream cast with literally the powerhouses of talent put together in a single frame. Its trailer seemed to be in the crime comedy thriller zone which is now synonymous with the makers. It did give me Badmaash Company vibes too and I was curious on what the series does have to offer. The series did premiere early last night and I literally grabbed my opportunity of watching Farzi on Amazon Prime. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The first season of Farzi follows the story of an artist who in order to earn a quick buck, starts printing and circulating fake currency notes. Will he be caught? This is pretty much the one-liner of the story that you should know before venturing into the series that does promise for a gala watch. The balance of crime and comedy is perfect here, although the story does slightly get repetitive. But trust Raj and DK to take you on an enjoyable ride like no other. They have their trademark set pieces which I will get to in a minute. The screenplay standing at 8 episodes ranging from 50 odd minutes to more than an hour does make for a daunting watch to begin with. But there was never a single dull moment throughout its runtime that made for one a brilliantly compelling watch.

I am a fan of world building as far as webseries is concerned primarily because you do have a good amount of time on your hands. And that is done wonderfully well here. So you are introduced to the protagonist Sunny who is an artist along with the principal characters around him. Amongst those is his grandfather whom he fondly addresses as ‘Naanu’ but very early on you can guess that their ideologies are different. Sunny belongs to the current generation who would always have his way of earning money without worrying too much about his morals. On the other hand, his Naanu is a principled figure who continues his work keeping his morals in check. Elsewhere, in a dramatic sequence you are introduced to the antagonist and his face off with the cop who is a vital cog in the drama.

There is a keen eye for detailing here which makes the drama even more engaging and engrossing. After the introduction of the conflict, the attention to details revolving around a currency note was an eye-opener and quite immersive in its approach. It almost did act as a guilty pleasure for the viewer who would assumingly start rooting for the protagonist despite his wrongdoings. This was an important approach by the makers to not let the viewers be judgemental about some of the characters(although nothing can ideally justify the wrongdoings). Soon the different worlds merge resulting in a cat and mouse change as Sunny does join hands with the antagonist Mansoor.

The typical trademark of the makers does lie in finding humour at some of the most bizarre places. Like seen previously in The Family Man, the humour here is situational and almost effortless, meaning the writing wasn’t trying to be funny. The writing here is intense with doses of dark humour that does make for a delicious watch. Also the amalgamation of different cultures represented through different characters is another impressive trademark of the makers which does result in a killer casting coup, often!

And trust Raj and DK to grab the opportunity for a universe of their own. The character of Tiwari plays the common thread here which means that The Farzi Universe and The Family Man universe would be merging at some point. What that means is we would get to watch Shahid Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee, Vijay Sethupathi and Kay Kay Menon all in a single frane at some point. If you aren’t excited by this then there would be nothing that would actually excite you!

What I did like about the drama was also the characterization that did result into some interesting sub-plots along with a few parallels from The Family Man. For instance, the private life of Michael(essayed by Vijay Sethupathi) was similar if not a tad worse than that of Shrikant(essayed by Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man) wherein he is involved in a strained relationship with his wife. These are interesting parallels which may all converge into something huge!

The twists and turns are engaging, but more importantly the pace of the drama does not lag or drop. This was crucial given that the writing just tends to get a bit repetitive as you proceed towards the end. The situations created are interesting and it is primarily the reaction of the characters to these situations that formulates the drama and fuels it ahead! The final sequence is a good one but I did wish that atleast a couple of the threads would have been tied together or atleast met with a closure. But if I were to look at it from the other side, then this might just be the tip of the iceburg for the The Family Man × Farzi universe! Overall the screenplay is excellent and quite enjoyable.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are witty and sharp and make for an enjoyable watch. Some of the lines are absolutely knockouts that would crack you up instantly. The music by Sachin-Jigar is excellent and blends perfectly with the world of Farzi. The BGM is pulsating and elevates several sequences single-handedly. The cinematography is brilliant and several action sequences are captured with perfection. The editing is sharp for most parts of the series(I can recall that fabulous match cut in one scene) although a few ‘Blackouts’ could have been avoided. Director Raj and DK are that breed of filmmakers who must be preserved primarily due to their originality and the narrative style which is unique to them. Here the direction is outstanding especially in terms of keeping the viewers hooked and booked throughout the drama. There was something or the other constantly unfolding on screen which had me invested throughout and for that the direction does deserve distinction marks!


The performances by the ensemble cast is simply brilliant. With well etched out characters, each and every actor did screen space to showcase his/her talent. Mehul Kajaria as Sunny’s father is sincere and earnest. Kubbra Sait as Saira, Vivek Madaan as Arjun and Sairav Chakrabarti as Jamal have their moments to shine. Anna Ador as Svetlana is hilarious despite a limited screen time. Likewise, Kavya Thapar as Ananya does a good job too. Zakir Hussain as Minister Gahlot is outstanding and refreshingly different in terms of representing a politician. His banter with Michael is one of the highlights of the series. Jaswant Dalal as Shekhar is earnest and sincere as is Chittaranjan Giri as Yasir Chacha. Saqib Ayub as Anees has his comic timing on point and does a swell job, nailing his one-liners. Regina Cassandra as Rekha is good as well.

It was an absolute pleasure watching Amol Palekar onscreen after ages and he was wonderfully restrained. Bhuvan Arora as Firoz is probably that one actor whom I have discovered in the series. I have seen his earlier here and there but to land up and do justice to such a meaty role with stalwarts around was no mean task. And Bhuvan does rise up to the ocassion here and does a fantastic job. Rashi Khanna as Megha has a sweet little charm to her and I did feel she is more comfortable in the Hindi space(first Rudra and now Farzi) as opposed to a few Tamil or Telugu films which she was a part of. She is excellent here!

Kay Kay Menon is a phenomenal actor and here as Mansoor he is natural to the core despite a slightly underwritten role. The ease with which he performs is something to be studied and savoured. Vijay Sethupathi is a powerhouse of talent and as Michael he owns his space and how! He is outstanding and does a great job. Shahid Kapoor as Sunny in his OTT debut is smashingly good. He is phenomenal here and this is a space that does suit him the best, the grey protagonist role, be it in Haider, Kaminey, Kabir Singh or here in Farzi. Excellent outing and I wish to see him more in such roles!


The first season of Farzi is a crime comedy at its absolute effing best! With stellar performance and the typical Raj and DK trademark humour, you do not want to be missing out on this! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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