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For starters, lets call this DKAWCS please? There was film out in 2017 Lipstick Under My Burkha that tactfully narrated the story of four woman trapped in a male dominated society. Yet, the narrative was such that you never felt pity about them. It was infact liberating and deftly showcasing the double sided face of our society. It also showcased that the so called rules are heavily tilted in favour of gender while the other had to quietly abide by it. That movie was one of the few movies that had scored at the box office in an otherwise dismal year in Bollywood. From the same universe comes DKAWCS, is it as impactful, lets find out!

DKAWCS is the story of two cousins, one a disillusioned wife who witnesses her reality yet doesn’t want to accept it, and the other a new entrant in the city who is struggling to make ends meet in a male dominated world. The story is multilayered and relevant. The screenplay is such that it may not be liked by everyone. It is bold, unapologetic yet bizzare in parts. The issues that it tackles really forces you to take a step back and think. Right from the opening sequence where Dolly and Kitty are talking to each other in a house of horror at a fair in the city, where one if them is laughing and just ignoring the elements around while the other is a little shaken trying to confide a secret, to a boy wanting to play with dolls rather than guns, the screenplay is packed with these minute gems. But, you will find the screenplay to be disjointed simply because the writers have tried to pack in many many elements instead of focusing on a couple. So what happens is the journey of Dolly and Kitty is lost somewhere in the middle. Mind you, the sequences do work independently, but as a whole it is slightly muddled. Also, a couple of sidetracks just doesn’t add up culminating into a somewhat bizarre climax. But there is much to appreciate here as well! The dialogues are decent, music is good though not memorable. Director Alankrita Shrivastava has once again scored in this highly layered drama even though she tried to throw the kitchen sink at it instead of being a little subtle and focused.

The performances are outstanding. Karan Kundrra as DJ is good in a cameo though his character doesn’t quite add up at the end. Kubbra Sait is a fine actor and she yet again delivers as Shazia. Her acting lifts her character to an extent too! Aamir Bashir is such an underrated actor and here as Amit he is outstanding, a character that is double faced by throwing in bouts of casual sexism yet being vulnerable himself. Vikrant Massey(the man is everywhere) as Pradeep yet again shines in a different shade this time. Amol Parashar as Osman is innocent, naive yet charming and a character that you will fall in love with. But the cousin duo steal the show! Bhumi Pednekar as Kitty is making it a habit to own the show. She is fiery, confident yet vulnerable and a little insecure deep down, all emotions completely nailed down. Konkona Sen Sharma as Dolly is absolutely brillant. This character has layers, someone who is deep down her psyche as far as patriarchy is concerned, yet a liberating spark inside her that is still burning and it required an actor of polished skills to pull off this role.

And here I have a rant. This movie is being flaked as the worst ever with a few critics giving 0 stars. It just shows how deep rooted in patriarchy we are even in the world of entertainment. Movies like Masti, No Entry which deal with the men cheating are termed as comedies, and if someone questions why is it right for men to cheat?- the reply would be, this is a comedy, itna toh chalta hai. But, when it comes to women and their sexual needs, and mind you in a much layered and relevant drama, the tables turn. Why? By no means do I support cheating in any relationship but if you think I do then you are missing my point(which is hinted at equality). Think about it and watch this with an open mind. DKAWCS is a good watch despite its flaws. Available on Netflix!

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