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My Octopus Teacher 2020 English Documentary Review

My Octopus Teacher

Dhvani Damani Featured Writer
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‘If you ever want to learn something, let nature be your master’ this is what ‘My Octopus Teacher’ talks about. 

Craig Foster, a filmmaker shows life underwater through lens of his camera. 

The story revolves around the Craig’s life as he gets frustrated with his monotonous life, losses his enthusiasm to work and looks for inspiration from the South African kelp forest. Little does he know that his search would end up introducing him to an octopus, and eventually developing a deep friendship and affection towards it while exploring its life.

The movie shows us, how we can learn to deal with our life and get life lessons through nature and the way it operates.

The Octopus Teacher is a good watch when looking for inspiration in life. It teaches you to live life with hope,enthusiasm, persistence and grace by looking at life of an Octopus.The way octopus strategically catches its prey, smartly hides from its predators and is always vigilant about everything around it,indeed it is one of the most intelligent species on Earth.

Craig Foster, now also runs a project called ‘Sea Change Project’ that has a community of divers working on protecting kelp forests.

My take away from this would be that whenever you face trouble in life, turn to nature.You will get your answers in ways unimaginable with our perception of life.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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