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It has been a while since I have reviewed a short film. Not that haven’t been watching any but nothing really that has caught my eye or imagination. But that is about to change as this week has had a new release on Eros Now called Soul Sathi which happens to be a short film. And you know about the new releases, you know where to come for its review😉. So lets dig in!

Soul Sathi is the story of a girl who is looking for her soulmate, sadly the men that she meets cannot see beyond her physical body. So here the soul is being impersonated and this is what makes the story unique. The screenplay has a fresh vibe to it, a vibe that you would associate with fairy tales. Here, you need to feel the emotion which the makers are trying to convey. If you happen to connect to it then you will end up falling in love with this tale, else the drama will fall flat. For me, it was the former. The dialogues are decent. The music is excellent, a wonderful rendition of Ekla Chalo Re in store for you! Director Abir Sengupta(who by the way has a movie lined up, Indu Ki Jawaani which might be the first movie to get a theatrical release post the lockdown) has done a pretty good job with the narration and he does pack in the right amount of feelings too.

Vandana Pathak as Preeti’s mom has done a good job. Sehban Azim has made a confident outing here. Adah Sharma in a double role as Preeti and her “soul” looks gorgeous with such a pretty smile(and soul). And it is her acting that binds the drama together.

Standing at under 17 minutes, Soul Sathi is a good watch. It is made of stuff that fairy tales are made of. It will leave you with a warm feeling at the end! Available on Eros Now.

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