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Do Revenge

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


After a brilliant weekend with some lovely content that we have reviewed, it is Monday again and so an entire week awaits us until the weekend arrives. So while you tackle with Monday Blues(and trust me I have it too), I decided to watch something light and frothy which would lighten my mood. And with that I finished watching the new English film Do Revenge which is streaming on Netflix. To be fair, this film was no where near my radar. I had absolutely no inclination of watching it up until a positive word of mouth began to float for the film. But amidst that I read an interesting piece of it being an adaptation of the Hitchcockian Classic, Strangers On A Train. And this got me excited to watch the film which seemed to be just another frivolous teen comedy before that. Now that I have finished watching Do Revenge, here are my two cents on the same.

Story & Screenplay

A loose adaptation of the Hitchcockian Classic Strangers On A Train, Do Revenge follows the story of two girls turned new besties who would go to any extent to extract revenge from their respective spouses. And the story is fluffy with ample amounts of dark humour which will tease the audience every now and then. The screenplay standing at around 2 hours is the perfect length for this comedy.

Now if you are going into the film expecting the shock value of Strangers On A Train then you won’t get any. And much has got to do with the setting of the drama which is young and vibrant. In other words, the drama is aimed at the demographic of 15 to 25 and it does well in that aspect. You are introduced to the protagonist number one and the people around here until an event changes the dynamics of the situation. Enter protagonist number two and both of them join hands to ‘Do Revenge’ which is grammatically incorrect and rightly addressed by the two of them as well.

If you have watched the classic, you are still bound to enjoy the entertaining proceedings here. It may keep you guessing as to who is who from the original. The humour is filled with dark comedy which will keep you afloat although I did not find myself laughing hysterically. The drama is unassumingly smart, an impression which it does not give, given its frivolous nature of it. The twist in the tale is rather unassuming which turns the film on its head. There is a streak of shock value to it which will make you stand up and take notice.

I however did expect the drama to really turn dark after that. And there was a potential for it a la Gehraiyaan which introduced a totally different genre in the final 20 minutes. And here is where the drama misses an opportunity. The final act is cliched where the writers did take the easy way out. And I did find it quite underwhelming although supremely watchable. But overall, the screenplay definitely springs a surprise in a pleasant adaptation of the original classic.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are adequate and aim at the demographic which will lap it up. The BGM is vibrant and does well to enhance the drama. The cinematography, editing and colour grading give this film a fresh look. Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson does a pretty good job in staying true to the source material and making it supremely entertaining in an unassuming manner.


The performances are really good here. Rish Shah as Russ, Alisha Boe as Tara, JD as Elliot, Ava Capri as Carissa and Talia Ryder as Gabbi all have their moments to shine. Austin Abrams is excellent as the shrewd yet charming Max. Maya Hawke as Eleanor has a nicely layered character and she does a great job in pulling it off. Camilla Mendes as Drea looks pretty and has a nice little character arc as well. And she does a pretty good job too.


Do Revenge is a fluffy adaptation of a Hitchcockian Classic which is unassumingly smart and very entertaining. Available on Netflix.

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