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It was last week when I had reviewed the South Korean film The Terror Live and made a statement that the hindi film Dhamaka, which is its official remake won’t find it easy. This was not only because it was a remake but how much it wanted to mellow down as far as its content was concerned. The film is finally out on Netflix and I have finished watching it. The plight of the media houses is such that they do not report news, in fact they sell it just for a handful of TRPs. And that is the sad reality although there would be a fraction of them who would still strive for the truth. And because I have watched the original, there would definitely be a comparison. So is Dhamaka worth your time stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

An official remake of The Terror Live, Dhamaka follows the story of a <span;>news reporter whose life turns upside down following a live interview with a terrorist who blew up a bridge. The story is the same as the original and I won’t dwell too much in it except for the fact that it is quite relevant. The screenplay is what I was interested in. And it begins on a wobbly note! The backstory between the two protagonists was just not required here and you don’t do things just to be original. It did not really add anything to the drama. This is where I thought it is all going downhill. But I was pleasantly surprised from here. Once the main plot begins, the tension is created and it manages to hold your attention. There are no unwanted distractions here as you would usually associate with Hindi films. Infact there is no respite with one event unfolding after another. Sure the argument would be that it does mellow down slightly considering how explosive and controversial it would be, but I will still give it to the makers for not compromising on it a lot. The twists and turns will keep you invested but if you have watched the original then you would know the pulse of the drama. This eventually ends in a final act that is underwhelming even as compared to the original. I was surprised that the writers opted to add melodrama right at the end especially when all the hard yards were covered so well. The extra 10 minutes at the end should have been cut down to make the film even more tight. But overall, a well written screenplay that is mostly a faithful remake of the original.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are sharp and definitely well written. The music is alright but I found the BGM to be a little loud. The production design used up a lot of the colour blue which was a little overdone to be honest. The VFX were pretty good. Director Ram Madhvani has done a pretty good job even though some may argue that he isn’t really at his absolute best. But he manages to keep you interested throughout even though a few from the audience may have watched the original which is a plus!


The performances are pretty good. Sohum Majumdar shines in a cameo and has a great screen presence. Vikas Kumar and Vishwajeet Pradhan have their moments to shine. Amruta Subhash as Ankita might seem snobby and arrogant but that was her character. If you feel the same then it was an excellent job done by her. Mrunal Thakur as Saumya is pretty good but I feel the length of her roles in various films is now becoming an issue. Perhaps she could opt for a meatier role to showcase her talent. And the one I was most pleasantly surprised with was Kartik Aaryan. This is perhaps his best performance outside the Luv Ranjan universe. And he can act make no mistake about it. I have been very critical of his work in the past but this performance right here has given me a glimpse of why he is regarded as a promising actor with a bunch of projects lined up. More power to you Kartik, upward and onward from here!


Dhamaka is Highly Relevant and mostly a faithful remake of the original The Terror Live. Available on Netflix.

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