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With the Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey postponed and almost no major releases to boast of this long weekend(strangely), I have got a free pass to watch many films from my watchlist. So next up is a film that I was recommended by a friend only yesterday citing a reason that it was nominated for Golden Globe Awards this year. And I decided to give this film a chance instantly. With that I have finished watching CODA(short for Children Of Deaf Adults) which is available on Apple TV. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

CODA is yet another coming of age story of a girl who is the only one in her family who can hear and speak. The story is extremely heartfelt and will force you to shed a tear or two. The screenplay has been written with utmost sensitivity. It wastes almost no time in getting to the point where it introduces the audience to the various characters and the dynamics which they share between themselves. And the screenplay is able to create several moments that will make you heart melt. To be fair, the proceedings are organic and it doesn’t victimize anyone. Instead, it provides perspectives where both the parties are right in their own way. Some movies are just meant to be felt after lying down on a leisurely afternoon. And CODA is exactly that. It doesn’t require you to take sides, instead it allows you to form your own opinion about the film in its entirety. Some of the sequences of deafening silence really scream for your attention. My grandfather was hard of hearing and now I can imagine what he would be going through when the entire world around him could hear! A terrific sequence is meticulously placed in the second half during a school choir where you are given a glimpse of the grim reality. So aesthetically shot and a beautifully penned screenplay that will make you smile and yet leave you with a tear in your eye and a lump in your throat.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are minimally used and a major portion of the film is based on sign language that adds to the authenticity of the drama. This is in a way a musical and the music is just so beautiful here. Each of the pieces are brilliant with some beautiful words as well that seep into your heart. And the BGM again relies on silence which was quite refreshing to watch. Director Sian Heder has handled the subject delicately and with utmost sensitivity. The direction is top notch even in quieter moments where it is not trying to convey a message. This slice of life drama majorly works due to its wonderful direction that generates the right amount of emotions organically.


The performances are just outstanding here. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as Miles is quietly charming. Eugenio Derbez as Mr. V is just so earnest and easily the most likable character despite him being an outwardly strict person. Marlee Matlin as Jackie and Troy Kotsur as Frank are just so compatible and do a swell job as the parents of the protagonist. Daniel Durant as Leo has his fair share of moments to shine. Emilia Jones as Ruby delivers a towering performance in a role of a lifetime. She has so many conflicting emotions to play with and she does a soul stirring job! I hope she atleast gets an Oscar Nomination this year for an incredibly heartfelt performance.


CODA is a beautifully woven coming of age and heartfelt story that will make you shed a tear or two. Available on Apple TV and Highly Recommended!

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