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Another Sunday, Another Heartbreat at the T20 World Cup. India are now all but out of the tournament due to their lacklustre performance. And I am seeing the trolls working overtime too! Yes, the players need to be criticized but again let us remember that this team had previously brought many glories and joys to us. And at the end of the day it is a sport and only the best team wins. We clearly wern’t that and we can be a little more gracious even while criticizing(which by the way is required too). But the focus shifts back to the movies and I finished watching the new Tamil Horror film on Halloween Cinderella on Amazon Prime. The title itself was intriguing as was the poster. Well, does the film manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Cinderella follows the story of a few murders taking place in a valley under mysterious circumstances. Who is the killer? The story is a horror film veiled as a whodunnit and it isn’t anything that you haven’t already seen before. The screenplay is very patchy here. For starters, the horror element is stereotypical and doesn’t really scare you, instead it causes unintentional laughter. Secondly, the events in the first half follow a fixed horror template and thus is outdated. The second half is slightly better with a back story where the makers try to incorporate the tale of Cinderella in a modern day setting. But the events in the first half don’t really add up to the events in the second half and it seemed like watching two separate movies. This culminates into a final act that is laughable with a bizarre twist that makes the screenplay even more disjoint. I just feel had they focussed on the investigation and the whodunnit element then that would have been more interesting. But here, the screenplay just doesn’t inspire by trying to do things that just wern’t required. Patchy!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are corny and not quite well written. The music and BGM are alright. Director Vinoo Venketesh just misses the mark. For one he did not have a great script at hand and on top of it his direction is lacklustre and lacks imagination that is crucial in a horror film.


There are a bunch of actors but none of them manage to impress barring Raai Laxmi. Raai Laxmi looks gorgeous here and has two distinct personalities in the film – one of a modern day sound engineer and the other a small town servant and she does full justice to both roles. It is a pity her performance comes in a film which is literally substandard.


Cinderella is just a substandard horror film that is lacklustre and misses the mark by some way. Available on Amazon Prime.

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