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Vincenzo 2021 Korean Netflix Series Review

Vincenzo Series Review

This 20 episodes KDRAMA is so engaging, you will be on the edge of your seat TRUST ME!!
The story focuses on larger than life character Vincenzo Cassano, played by Soon Joong Ki.

Beyond Evil 2021 Korean Crime Thriller Series Review

Beyond Evil Series Review

57th Baeksang Arts Awards winning series “Beyond evil” is a crime thriller series that focuses not only on the violation but on also human frailty, relationships between family, colleagues & friends.

Growing Season 2020 Korean Romantic Series Review

Growing Season Series Review

A realistic portrayal of college students through a phase of ‘wanting to grow passionately, and wanting to do well.’

Mr Queen 2020 Korean Historical Series Review

Mr. Queen Series Review

When a modern day chef gets trapped in the body of a queen in the Joseon era, chaos ensues.

The World of the Married 2020 Korean Series Review

The World of the Married Review

Just when Sun-woo thought everything around her is as perfect as it can be, she finds out that her husband and her friends had secretly been deceiving her all along.

Hotel Del Luna 2019 Fantasy Romance Korean Series Review

Hotel Del Luna Series Review

Located in the middle of Seoul, Hotel del Luna is the eponymous hotel that caters only to ghosts; the beautiful but ill-tempered CEO is cursed to manage the hotel due to a terrible crime she committed, but cannot remember.

Kingdom 2019 Korean Horror Series Review

Kingdom Series Review

The deceased king rises and a mysterious plague begins to spread; the prince must face a new breed of enemies to unveil the evil scheme and save his people.

Mr Sunshine 2018 Korean Romance Series Review

Mr. Sunshine Series Review

A Korean boy from a poor family who ends up in the United States after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo incident returns to his homeland during a historical turning point.

Something in the Rain 2018 Korean Romance Series Review

Something In The Rain Movie Review

Something in the rain is a love story of a 35 year old women Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye-jin) and her bestfriend’s younger brother a 25 year old Jung Hae-in (Seo Joon-hee).