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Beyond Evil 2021 Korean Crime Thriller Series Review

Beyond Evil

Tiasa Mukherjee Featured Writer
Tiasa Mukherjee
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57th Baeksang Arts Awards winning series “Beyond evil” is a crime thriller series that focuses not only on the violation but on also human frailty, relationships between family, colleagues & friends. 

The triple crowned series managed to draw a near perfect illustrations after what a town, a family, a person can go through after a murder. It focuses on the aftermath of the tragedy not only on the crime.

Screenplay & Storyline

The story focuses on Shin Ha-kyun as Lee Dong-sik, how an unfortunate incident destroys his life, his family his everything, he became the murderer of his own missing sister in everyone’s eyes. Even in his later life being a sergeant at Manyang Police Substation of Munju Police Station, nightmares from his past doesn’t let him rest, half of the town’s population looks him with suspicious eyes. His life takes a turn when he met Yeo Jin-goo as Han Joo-won, a detective from the International Crime Investigation Team at the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency transferred to Manyang Police Substation.

After a decade when the same web of murders takes place people started to question Lee Dong-sik and his motive, specially his partner Joo-won kept his firm eyes on Lee Dong-sik. Their personal and professional life started to intertwin and made a maze where both were lost, and they helped each other on their own way to overcome their personal nightmare and come out of that maze. The chemistry between both male leads will put you on the edge of your seat. Whole justice system plays a huge role on this story which was very realistic.

Performance & Direction

Directed by Shim Na-Yeon “Beyond Evil” received 7 nominations in 57th Baeksang Arts Awards and won 3 awards. “Beyond Evil” is kind of a multilayer drama the screenplay is so great in every episode you will feel like a layer getting exposed. 

57th Baeksang Arts Awards winning actor Shin Ha-Kyun as Lee Dong-Sik portrays his character to the point. The way he acted Lee Dong-sik’s loneliness was so emotionally perfect that you will really root for this character. 

23 years old actor Yeo Jin-Goo as Han Joo-Won plays his concern suspicious attitude honesty perfectly. I did not like him at the start of the series I found him little on the edge but as the story started unfolding, I understood his reason and his characteristics. 

Choi Dae-Hoon as Park-Jung Je, Choi Sung-Eun as Yoo Jae-Yi and Lee Kyu-Hoi as Kang Jin-Mook gave their best performance as supporting character. Especially Lee Kyu-hoi as Kang Jin-Mook character will question your sense of judgment. The background music is well synchronized with the scenes. The story is so captivating that even after the end of the series it will not leave your mind.


It was a binge watch for me, I was looking for thriller drama and found this & I fall in love with this series as it was realistic, tightly written with amazing script and screenplay. Highly recommended! You won’t get disappointed! 

It’s currently available on Netflix.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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