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Hotel Del Luna 2019 Fantasy Romance Korean Series Review

Hotel Del Luna

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Once again the concepts alone produced in South Korea deserves our attention and applaud. Especially the fantasy world that is showcased just in few episodes with strong back story and award worthy VFX itself wins half the battle for them. 

Hotel Del Luna, is a dark fantasy romantic series which will peak your interest from the very first minute. The story is based on a hotel named Hotel Del Luna that exists between the present world and the afterworld, in which spirits, with unfinished business, go before moving on to afterlife. The plot in itself is unique and very well executed.


Hotel Del Luna is a supernatural place which is not visible in its true form to a human being in the day time. It is only visible to certain human beings under special circumstances. The hotel is run by Ghosts/spirits who have not moved to afterlife due to unfinished business on earth.

The hotel is bound to the soul of its owner Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun) who is stuck between the two worlds due to a huge sin committed by her a millennium ago. The 1000 year Jang Man’s story keeps us captivated from the very beginning as the story keeps going in flashback making us curious about her past. The four main staff of the hotel who are also ghosts have interesting past stories which thickens the plot. 

Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) is the only human working at the hotel as the manager. His father was manipulated 20 years ago by Jang Man, In order to survive he promises that his son will be the manager of Hotel Del Luna. What happens next forms the crux of the story. 

Jang Man-wol is a self-centered, arrogant ghost who doesn’t show any remorse or regret for not been able to move to afterlife. She is selfish and spends lavishly to keep up with her rich lifestyle. She has an expensive wardrobe and fleet of luxurious cars at her disposal. Gu Chan-sung is the anchor that she never knew she needed. Together they deal and overcome the obstacles. 

Weather she redeems herself or not and what happens to the only human working at the hotel makes for a binge worthy watch


The story line revolving around ghosts and a single human stuck at the hotel full of spirits is quite unique and refreshing. It is has many intense nail biting scenes but at the same time is relatable, hilarious and heart breaking. The cinematography and use of colors is breathtaking. The series ponders upon ideas of Resentment, forgiveness and selfless love. It seamlessly transits between the past and present. The plot is layered with plenty of twists to keep us hooked. IU will win our hearts with her sassy performance.

Direction/ Performances / Music

It is never easy to direct a fantasy series and create a believable world. Oh Choong –hwan has done a splendid job in balancing the two worlds. The screenplay is very tight and crisp. Almost all episode end on cliffhangers. Lee Ji –eun ( IU) managed to pull off a character which is so complex and layered. Special mention to her designers and stylist who made her look so sassy and classy. She also has an impeccable comic timing. Gu Chang-sung did a decent job of portraying a scared and lost human amongst the Ghosts. The music, cinematography and use of VFX are the highlights of this series. 

This is a 16 episode series available on Netflix. The music is still extremely popular and the show broke various records upon its release.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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