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The World of the Married 2020 Korean Series Review

The World of the Married

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Ji Sun-woo (Kim Hae -ae) is a successful doctor and associate director at family love hospital in Gosan. She is married to an aspiring movie director Lee Tae-oh ( Park Hae -joon), together they have an adolescent son lee joon -young. Everything is going great in this small family of 3 until Ji Sun-woo discovers a lipgloss in Lee Tae -oh’s pocket which she dismisses. But on the very same day Lee gifts her scarf and she discovers a red long hair strand on it which clearly is not hers. Ji Sun is now anxious and doesn’t know what to think of it. Seeing red haired women around her and her husband she feels more and more uneasy and doesn’t know who she can trust. What happens next forms the crux of the story.


This series since its release made a massive buzz since the very first episode due to concept of adultery. The last episode of this series got the highest rating on television breaking all the previous records. Not a surprise there as this series is so much more than just dealing with extra marital affair or adultery.


Extra marital affair stories are not new for anyone of us. But what makes this series truly intriguing and different is the execution. This series has more suspense to unravel than an actual suspense thriller. 

It is constant cat and mouse chase and you will often find yourself switching sides. It is an absolute must watch, highly recommended for its intriguing plot and phenomenal performances.


From the very first episode it is established that this story is about the chase. Who outwits whom? And how they handle the situation. The first episode ends on cliffhanger that will blow your mind away and you’ll be shocked to discover that there is absolutely no one you can trust. Ji sun’s own people cannot be trusted and she no longer knows who she can confide in.

The characters are so complex, and multi-dimensional. It’s amazing to see the character arcs and development, with some going from people you cannot stand, to people you’re genuinely rooting for. You get to see some characters learn and grow from their decisions, and it’s done in a really authentic, and natural way, with lots of self-reflection.

They do a very good job for you to keep switching sides till the very end. You are so engrossed in the story that you no longer know what is right and wrong. This story just doesn’t talk about adultery but talks about the consequences which not only breaks a family but damages all relations to the extent that they are broken beyond repair and just want to end the misery.

This story is not just about the husband and wife but everyone related to them and what happens when trust is broken and your integrity is questioned. Choosing the right side is important or else there will be consequences.

Direction/ Performances / Music

The Director duo Mo Wan-il and kim Sung-jin did a terrific job in pulling you in from the very beginning wherein you cant help but be instantly hooked and root for these characters. Every actor associated with this series is phenomenal. There is not one weak performance or compromised casting. Even the kids have given their best. The background score gets you excited. Every now and than some new suspense is revealed and the background music built up along with the story gives you a very different experience. This series has only one season like most korean series with 16 episodes. However, this could have ended in 12 episodes, towards the end it seemed little dragged.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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