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Something in the Rain 2018 Korean Romance Series Review

Something In The Rain

Sana Patel
4 Star popcorn reviewss

It is no surprise that the popularity of K dramas has grown in ten folds in the past two years. Thanks to the unlimited content available on Netflix. They are all binge and swoon worthy. The reason behind its popularity across Asian countries is its relatable content.

Something in the rain is a love story of a 35 year old women Yoon Jin Ah (Son Ye-jin) and her bestfriend’s younger brother a 25 year old Jung Hae-in (Seo Joon-hee). Elder woman and a younger man relationship are still frowned upon even in the most progressive societies.

The story pulls you in from the very beginning where we show how Jin – Ah is facing difficulties not only at work but also in relationship with her boyfriend who dumps her without any explanation. She is frustrated due to her constantly nagging mother and societal pressure of still been unmarried at the age of 35. Enter the cute younger brother of her best friend who has been transferred back to Korea from the US after 3 years.

Though younger he is extremely mature and extrovert in his approach. He is like no one Jin Ah has met before. He instantly makes her feel at ease. She never knew she deserved all the love and appreciation that he showers her way. It is a very real take on relationships and yet extremely enjoyable due to the soft background score and beautiful cinematography. The struggles these two face for acceptance in the society is depicted so well that you instantly feel for these characters. The chemistry between the lead pair is off the charts. The supporting cast has done full justice to their roles. The screenplay is tight and the director gets the essence of these characters perfectly.

Highly recommended to people who want to start watching K Dramas. Simple yet a strong story that needs your attention.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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