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Code M (Season 2)

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the next release of the elaborate weekend(in terms of new content) and I finished watching the second season of Code M. This was one of the shows which I hadn’t watched immediately when the season one was out. But I happened to watch season one very recently as a buildup to season 2. And I found it pretty decent and much better than what I had expected it to be. Initially I thought it was similar to the film Shaurya but I was pleasantly surprised at the issues it began addressing. Also the story in season 1 had ended, season 2 promised a whole new bunch of excitement. That said does the second season of Code M manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Code M follows a new chapter in the life of Major Monica Mehra with another strange case related to the Indian Army. The story is pretty interesting and it does tap into some uncomfortable information which if true would be unfortunate. The screenplay is divided into 8 episodes of just 20 minutes each which means you can easily binge watch the entire season in one go! The screenplay though opens on the wrong foot. It just seemed a little hurried and unsettled primarily because it tried to get into the thick of things without a proper buildup. In other words it was a wobbly start in the first couple of episodes which just about managed to hold your attention.

But once the issue starts getting a little more clear, you slowly start to get invested in the drama which keeps getting better with every passing episode. There are multiple sequences which are thrilling and they manage to hold your attention either through the action unfolding or the multiple twists and turns. The conflict is indeed shocking and I did like how the writers were able to tie a story around it.

One small drawback of the show is that the drama and the characters lack that extra depth. The show unfolds on the surface but it moves at a brisk pace which compensates for its flaws. The twist right at the end was really a good one and it was hard to predict what was coming. The cliffhanger on which this season ends, nicely sets up the stage for season 3. In other words, quite an enthralling and engaging screenplay with a good amount of emotional quotient as well.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are massy and they create quite a stir. To the writers credit, none of the dialogues seem to be over the top or trying to over compensate in anyway. The BGM is adequate and it does its bit in heightening the tension. The production value is a bit of a letdown and it could have been much better. Director Akshay Choubey has done a fabulous job here, maintaining the pace of the drama and managing to hold your attention throughout. The direction really packs a punch here!


The performances are pretty good here. Swanand Kirkire as Qureshi delivers a very restrained performance. Atul Kumar as Vikram Mehra is an exceptional actor and he is excellent here as well. He carries off his role with a lot of dignity. You can almost see the growth of an actor like Tanuj Virwani across the two seasons of Code M. He was quite good in season one but he is even better here in season 2. Initially I thought his character of Angad was quite underwritten. But his unassuming personality(in the show) just caught me unaware which is a sign of a terrific actor. Season 3 will probably be the best version of Angad yet! Jennifer Winget as Major Monica Mehra is natural to the core. You can make out the intensity in her performance whether it is a dramatic scene or a combat scene. She is the soul of the series in what was another brilliant outing for her.


The second season of Code M is an enthralling thriller that manages to pleasantly surprise you. Available on Voot Select.

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