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Apharan 2

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Alt Balaji as a streaming platform is known to offer sleaze in the form of entertainment. Now it can be argued that their shows are popular as it still has an audience which is fair but the quality of shows isn’t what the platform is known for. But having said that, there are a few good quality shows which have been popular on the app. And one of them was Apharan season 1. I remember watching the show a few years ago with absolutely no expectations. Do bear in mind that the OTT space hadn’t yet found its feet back then. And I was pleasanly shocked with the show providing so many twists and turns that I ended up binge watching it. The show did gain popularity from there on so much so that the makers have returned with its second season this time on Voot Select. So then is Apharan 2 worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

In a completely new setting and in no connection to season 1, Apharan 2 follows the story of Rudra as he is sent on a secret mission to kidnap the antagonist VBS. The story is quite massy and oozes with entertainment which will keep you on your toes. The screenplay is fast paced with right amount of humour which you might be familiar with in the Apharan universe. Standing at 11 episodes of 25 minutes each, the show could easily be binge watched. The screenplay opens on a hilarious note where the protagonist is facing some personal issues involving his wife when he is called up for the mission. The entire sequence is hilarious and it will leave you in splits. Once the mission begins, you are on your toes with so many twists and turns which will keep you invested throughout. Even though the drama seemed far fetched and filled will loopholes, I did not seem to mind it!  After the shocking twist at the halfway mark, things slow down and they do get slightly repetitive. Also the drama has enough juice to keep you going, the momentum is slightly lost only to be restored in the final 2 episodes where the loose threads are tied up. The drama is consistently entertaining culminating in a cliffhanger of a final act which will definitely make you curious for season 3. Overall, a screenplay high on substance and entertainment.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with expletives that add to the humour quotient. The lines are witty and so well written that Varun Badola who has penned the lines needs to be applauded. There are so many meta references which are timely added, the moment you begin to question the drama. The use of old songs to fit in the narrative was a genius idea and it really worked big time. The BGM is exhilarating and blends perfectly with the drama. Director Santosh Singh has done a brilliant job in engaging the viewers throughout and barely letting things to drag.


The performances are quite good here. Sanand Verma as Dubey has his comic timing on point. Even though his character is such that you may not like but you will crack up everytime he is onscreen. Snehil Dixit Mehra as Gillori is likewise quite funny and she does a fabulous job. Aditya Lal is menacing in his role as is Ujjwal Chopra. Sukhmani Sadana as Nafisa is quite brilliant and she effortlessly fits into her character. Nidhi Singh as Ranjana has an equal measure of comedy and drama associated to her character and she excels in both. Arunoday Singh as Rudra and…(surprise) is absolutely smashing. I really find him underrated and it gives me joy to watch him in such roles which are unabashed and unapologetic. Quite a brilliant act this!


Apharan 2 is entertainment guaranteed! No two ways about it! Available on Voot Select.

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