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Brochara (Season 2)

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With the massive success of the content of TVF, there were other players who entered the arena and successfully so. One of them was Dice Media which like TVF had a pulse of a studio and was successful in targetting the age group 16 to 35. And speaking of age, while we were young we always wanted to “grow up” quickly without realising the challenges that it throws at you. It is the age group of late twenties and early thirties where you are stuck in a loop. You aren’t too young, neither you are too old. And so you aren’t settled in life, at times lonely probably stuck at the wrong place and see your friends moving out, where you constantly bottle up every little emotion and put a smile on your face only for the world. And this is what the secomd season of Brochara has to offer, the challenges that come in your late twenties and early thirties. I had earlier watched season 1 and I found it to be a little too frivolous for my liking although there were some heartwarming moments as well. That said, does the second season of Brochara iron out a few flaws, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The second season of Brochara follows the story of four friends(with a new entrant to the group) who deal with different problems of adulthood. The story is in that “TVF space” but it is quite well written and really heartfelt. The screenplay comprises of 5 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each, so it is easy to binge watch it. Since this is the story of 4 friends, the screenplay focusses on the personal life of each of them and the modern day hush hush problems which they face. I was pleasantly surprised at the writing here which was quite matured and less frivolous. I think this also had to do with the age group that the four boys fall under in this season. Marital issues or parental decisions or even “coming out of the closet” or being a loner were some of the issues touched upon and done really well too.

The proceedings are fun and breezy although one small drawback would be that the humour at times seemed slightly forced but you can easily look past that. Another minor drawback was that the drama seemed to be on the surface but given the crisp runtime that was a trade off which can definitely be accepted. But certain sequences are backed with lovely metaphors too, like the sequence where Pranay and Minal have a fight only to be resolved which is depicted with Pranay untying a mesh of a thread depicting their relationship. So the writing definitely has purpose here where the drama culminates into a heartwarming final act. So overall, a well written screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are similar to the millenial lingo which all of us are privy to in our daily lives which adds authenticity to the drama. The music is good as is the BGM and both blend so well with the drama. Director Divyanshu Malhotra has done a terrific job here. Understanding the pulse of the audience is an add on and I feel this story may have originated from many personal experiences which makes the direction top notch.


The performances are easy on the eye and quite brilliant. Noyrika as Mira is exceptional despite a limited screentime. Pooja S Jadhav as Nandini is first rate and she does a great job. Siya Mahajan as Minal is quite brilliant and such a natural onscreen, I really wish to watch her to many other projects too. Tarun Khem as Simran delivers such a heartfelt performance. One of my favourite scenes involve him and Sayandeep in episode 4 which was so heartfelt and equally heartbreaking. Which brings me to the four boys. Ankur Rathee as Abhi is a welcome addition to the group and a character which I resonated with the most in terms of his late twenty issues of being a bit of a loner. And he is terrific and I must say he is making some smart choices with his characters. Varun Tewari as Pranay is absolutely like water, free flowing without any pretence which was just so refreshing to watch. Amey Wagh is a terrific actor himself and I was amazed at the ease with which he pulled off his character(Kannan) here. His conflict would possibly resonate with many and I really loved his character arc here. Sayandeep Sengupta as Shiv is perhaps the pick of the actors for me. I have seen him in a bunch of series but I truly feel the sensitively with which he has portrayed his character here, he has outdone himself. This is perhaps the best of his career so far and here is wishing it is just a start of many such great performances.


The second season of Brochara is less frivolous and more matured and relatable. Definitely a couple of notches better than season 1. I quite enjoyed this season which I believe is well worth your time too. Available on Voot for free.

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