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K.G.F. (Chapter 1)

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Of late, the movies from South have really struck a chord with the Hindi speaking audience. With the massice success of Bahubali and more lately 2.0, the flood gates have opened. One such film, KGF, which looked very promising in its promo releases this week. Is it as good as its trailer….or does it dig its own grave…lets find out.

Set in the early 80s, KGF follows the story of Rocky who leads the oppressed trapped at a gold mine against its oppressors. Now you know it is a masala entertainer when the lead protogonist walks in slow-mo, the bad guys are beaten to pulp and the bones emit a cracking sound when broken. But the good news is, it has a story unlike its few other ‘cousins’. The screenplay takes a bit time to build up in the first hour(which could have done without a few sequences to be honest especially the love angle), but the second hour takes this movie to another level with its layered narrative style. In fact, in the crackling climax, when all is over, you end up wanting some more! It nicely sets it up for Chapter 2!! The dialogues(hindi dubbed) definitely pack a punch. The cinematography, action sequences and the background score are top notch. Director Prashanth Neel has complete control over narration and deserves distinction marks for his direction. In other words, the direction packs a punch.

There are many characters in the movie but none better than Yash who has ‘superstar’ written all over him. The swag, the walk , the attitude, the man has it all! Yes, he does play to the galleries but that is pretty much what was asked of him. Which is not to say, other characters are bad. All characters have done justice!


Mounted on the mould as Bahubali, KGF is a cinematic masterpiece. Yes, the buildup will test you so be patient for you are in for a treat in the second hour. Should be your autonatic first choice this Christmas Season. Don’t miss it!

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