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The Originals 2013 English Horror Comedy Series Review

The Originals (Season 1)

Kunjal Thakkar Featured Writer
Kunjal Thakkar
4 Star popcorn reviewss


You are going to remember this series ‘ALWAYS AND FOREVER’. You might have watched many series and movies of vampires but do you know how it all started? This series is the story of the original vampire and also about other super natural creature’s werewolves, witches etc. The original series having total 5 season of 22 episodes per season. You might be thinking it’s so long but trust me it is worth watching.


The original is all about vampirism. This series is basically based on family values, ethics, love, faith and trust between each other. You will find misery, fiction, thriller, suspense, etc. the original vampire family have came back in their town New Orleans. Klaus Mikaelson is soon becoming a father. And he is the devil of vampire who is having number of enemies but when you have your siblings on your side you can win any fight. In series the way they have protected Klaus magical baby is superb. Every episode of season is thrilled. Elijah the noble brother and Rebekah the sweet and wicked sister they both always support Klaus.


My god! Mate trust me dialogues are awesome and it will get fit into your heart always and forever. Some dialogues are so cheesy and some are with deep meanings and some dialogue will bring tears to your life. The directions are awesome and wonderful.


Performances are spectacular. Joseph Morgan played an excellent role as Klaus Mikaelson who is hybrid and implacable immortal foe and a caring father. Daniel Gillies played an amazing role as Elijah Mikaelson who is noble and perfect gentleman any women would like to marry and very well known for man of word. Claire Holt played role as Rebekah Mikaelson who is supportive sister.


MUST WATCH! This series will make you mad and you can’t get rid of it. You’ll be on your device whole day until its battery doesn’t get over. Is my word getting over exaggerate? Oh come on, it deserves it. Once you will start it you will know by yourself.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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