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The Good Place 2016 Comedy Netflix Series Review

The good place

Neha Unadkat
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We have all heard stories reasoning people going to heaven or hell after they die. All we hear from our grand parents is do good and be good to others. But does that really work always? This series has some thoughts on it. Let’s find out how the story goes!!


The story starts with welcoming Eleanor Shellstrop (saleswoman in real life) in her afterlife at The Good Place which is a false heaven designed by architect – Michael. Similarly, other characters like Chidi (professor of Ethics on earth), Jason (Drug dealer) and Tahini (Wealthy British Philanthropist) were introduced to the Good Place as well. Janet- a human robot is like a go to person for everything. She can literally fulfill ALL the needs of the residents of Good Place. As they say about soulmates, there is someone made for you; Eleanor is Chidi’s soulmate and Jason is Tahani’s soulmate. Soon after a few days, Eleanor realizes that she and Jason are mistakenly moved to the Good Place. As humans (and not so good people) think, Eleanor and Jason decided to learn ethics of being a good person from Chidi so they can earn their place at Good Place and avoid going to hell. Though “The Good Place” is a falsefied heaven, but all the other residents except the four above are characters created by Michael to torture them. Interesting isn’t it?? Well, yes… All of those 4 actually deserve to go to The Bad Place (Hell). 

Michael was proving that he can make people morally better if they are given an option to live with other good people and learn to do good deeds. But after multiple attempts, he fails and restarts the entire experiment. In one of the experiment, all the four are sent to earth as well and improve upon their moral ethics. Did it happen? Find out by watching the series. Later after 3 seasons, everyone realizes at not a single human being went to heaven in centuries based on the current evaluation point system they have. All of them investigate as to why this happens. Is the hell god playing tricks to have more people? Or can be there can be another place as well other than heaven and hell? I would say, watch the series to know how our day to day activities affect our points to go to heaven. Who knows, something good comes out of it!!


Kristen Bell as Eleanor is funny and quirky the entire series. William Jackson Harper as Chidi Anagonye is a strong actor in this series. William was planning to leave acting before this series and his performance was so well recognised that he signed many movies and series after that. No one would have done a better role for a wealthy philanthropist than Jameela Jamil as Tahani Al-Jamil. Out of all the characters, my favourites were D’Arcy Carden as Janet and Ted Danson as Michael. Though I feel, there would be more to Manny Jacinto’s character – Jason Mendoza in terms of dialogues and overall personality.

Direction & Screenplay

For me this series was well directed but there could be few improvements in the screenplay. The first two seasons are well written, but the third season doesn’t seem to make justice in comparison to others. I think that is why they decided to end it soon. 

Overall the series has received a Peabody Award and three Hugo Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. It has also been nominated for fourteen Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series for its third and fourth seasons.


Travel the fantasy world of heaven with this beautiful series. It is a light, comedy-drama for a chill time watch. I am sure after watching “The Good Place” for sometime you will observe your actions with a hope of earning more positive points to increase the chances of going to heaven😂

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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