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Black Crab 2022 Action Adventure Swedish Movie Review

Black Crab

Priyadarshan Maity Featured Writer
Priyadarshan Maity
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Black crab is a Swedish drama thriller film produced by Netflix, which is a very good film albeit with some flaws here and there, namely the predictable nature of the script.

The story follows with our main lead Noomi Rapace (excellent) fleeing her city with her daughter while some military men capture her daughter and then the story begins, because of spoilers I will not say anything of the plot per se but it is about an ongoing civil war and Edh the character has to stop the war cause she has her motivation to stop it. This covet mission is dangerous and the journey is frustrating to end. This is the main plot, but in reality, the screenplay is frustrating in the second act, it drags and drags, as an audience we get agitated, and can make this movie a flawed journey.

Again enough of the flaws we should get to the good part shall we, ok so this film gets extra points for not showing the villains and every time there is the chaos we don’t know where it is coming from! This makes the action exciting and scary. It almost feels like an alien invasion film. There is a standard Netflix canvas for this type of under-the-radar film which is, there look and feel of the movie look the same but this film has its unique vision, the cinematography is brilliant the shots are beautiful to look at, it makes the journey palatable to watch. Even the background music is brilliant it is subtle but does the job. The best part of the film is even though we root for the character and her compatriots and their bosses, we never really know what is the cause of this civil war and there is no political preachiness, it’s a minimalist survival thriller where at the end we get satisfied by the outcome. Noomi Rapace leads the show with utmost conviction, even the supporting players do their job quite well. The way the film tries to capture the emotional journey of the lead is brilliant to watch because of the subtle performance of our lead. It is not over the top at all, making the film much more realistic. The cinematography capture Noomi Rapace’s face quite brilliantly it makes the movie much more personal to watch.

In the end, there are plentiful Netflix blockbusters out there but this type of small film must be appreciated and to be watched as there are plenty of hidden gems we could find.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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