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Bhaukaal (Season 2)

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It was during the first lockdown when all the theatres were closed that I actively started writing reviews for webseries. Earlier, I used to pen reviews only for Hindi films weekly as opposed to every single content these days. So during the first lockdown, one of the earlier series which I watched and reviewed was Bhaukaal. In the Crime and Action genres, which already had series like Mirzapur and Sacred Games, Bhaukaal pleasantly so held its own. So when it was renewed for its second season, naturally I was excited. Well Bhaukaal 2 finally did release this weekend on MX Player and here are my two cents on it.

Story & Screenplay

Loosely based on true events, Bhaukaal 2 picks up from the exact same point where season 1 had ended where the power control shifts from Shaukeen to the Dedhas. It is upto the UP police to again cleanup the mess. The story isn’t very novel as we have seen similar stories before as well. But the story is entertaining nevertheless. The screenplay takes a little while to buildup by reintroducing the main players and the dynamics between them and the world that they live in. But one thing about this screenplay is that it is fast paced and doesn’t allow you time to breathe or be distracted. Standing at 10 episodes of 30 odd minutes each, the pacing is fast here. After a point, the twists and turns are something that will keep you invested although none of them are unpredictable. The cat and mouse game between the goons and the police is fun to watch. There is plenty of gore and violence that honestly was required here to create an impact which it does pretty well. Maybe a few scenes could have been left out on the edit table especially in the first 3 to 4 episodes but after that the show lives up to its title. But the drama ends on a satisfying final act in a final showdown which is good(although I enjoyed the one in the first season more). Overall, an entertaining screenplay that does manage to hold your attention throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with expletives but they certainly make an instant impact. The BGM is good here. The production value could gave been better but some of the action sequences are wonderfully mounted and they seem quite real. Director Jatin Wagle does a good job making the predictable drama interesting and always commanding your attention.


The performances are pretty good. Ajay Singh Chaudhary as Ashfaq is simply brilliant. Sohaila Kapur shines in a cameo as Khala. Gulki Joshi as Neha definitely makes her presence felt. Rashmi Rajput as Puja does an impressive job here. Bidita Bag as Naaz looks pretty and is a game changer in the series. She has done a fabulous job here. Sanyam Srivastav as Kareem is first rate. Digambar Prasad as Bhatti is excellent and plays a vital foil to the protagonist. Rahul Gujjar as Gurjan is quite good and he definitely makes an impact, as are Sachin Singh as Azhar and Anil Dhawan as Dr. Tiwari. Amitt K Singh as Vinod is nicely understated and it works pretty well for his character. Siddhant Kapoor as Chintu is outstanding and he brings the eccentric streak to his character effectively. Pradeep Nagar as Pintu is intimidating and ruthless and he is brilliant to watch. Mohit Raina as Naveen delivers a complete knockout punch here. He has a towering presence and does a wonderful job here staying in control throughout.


Bhaukaal 2 is a gripping and entertaining action packed drama. Available on MX Player.

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