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Being the Ricardos 2021 Biopic English Movie Review

Being the Ricardos

Aaron Sorkin directing is easily the one aspect of his last three movies which completely hampers the movie. I might be one of the few people who think Trial of Chicago 7 is still fantastic despite its glaring faults. Not so much here.

The film feels apolitical for a movie dealing with communism; nuance and politicization feel far more surface-level here. Unlike his previous screenplays, this one is just bland and extremely clunky. The dialogues show some of those old sparkles at the times but they are fewer and far between. There is a surprising lack of pace or urgency here, and thus the movie feels like a slog to go through.

While neither Kidman nor Bardem looks the part of Lucille Ball or Desi Arnaz, Bardem is far more successful in portraying Arnaz’s charisma and screen presence. Kidman starts stiff but slowly grows into the role as time passes by.

It’s like an explanation of a joke or comedy can never completely recreate the feeling of a comedic bit, and somehow Sorkin completely misses that, and for a person doing a film about Lucille Ball, it doesn’t feel like Sorkin loves Lucy.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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