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Aunty ji

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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We have all had our fair share of acquaintances with differentially abled people. How often have we been overtly sweet with them or sympathetic towards them. Lets admit it, we all have been guilty of this! Now if you are wondering why suddenly this topic then I happened to watch this short film titled ‘AuntyJi’ and decided to share my thoughts on it. Going forward, I will be reviewing short films too and hope to give some voice to them , please show your love for them!!! Back to ‘AuntyJi’!!

Story & Screenplay

‘AuntyJi’ is the story of Geetika, an acid attack survivor who has to deal with alot of unwanted attention from people around her till an old Parsi lady enters her life. The story is quite endearing. The screenplay is well penned and contrasts on the two varied yet similar lives of the two protagonists. The background score gels well with the drama. A special mention of the production value which is excellent even for a small movie like this! Director Adeeb Rais(who last directed Lovey Dovey…do check that out too) has done a swell job here. Handling a delicate subject is tricky and he does score!


It is the performances that blow life into each scene(would be giving an extra half star for it). Shabana Azmi has a plethora of work behind her and here she eases into the role of the Parsi old lady. Anmol Rodriguez as Geetika is outstanding and literally adds flesh to her character. There are a host of other characters and all have done justice to their roles.


AuntyJi is a heartwarming short film which deserves to be watched. It is indeed uplifting and you will definitely take home a message or two at the end! But more importantly, it will leave a smile on your face!!

PS : It is available on youtube for free. I will be leaving a link of it in the comments section. Do watch it!!!

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