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A Movie that I first watched almost 12 years ago and had an instant connect with me ever since. A character of Geet that I have adored and continue to do so. But this Valentine’s Day, I decided to analyze a character that might have been slightly overshadowed in the movie by its other lead – Aditya.

At the very beginning of the movie, Aditya does not talk much but it is very evident that he is undergoing depression(something that I now connect to even more). Born in a rich yet broke family, Aditya faces issues at work, with his enstranged mother and one last hope that he had banked on, the love of his life, is now getting married to someone else instead. The chain of incidents weigh him down such that he begins to roam around aimlessly, boards a train randomly and even considers suicide until he befriends Geet!

It is in “Hotel Decent” when Aditya lets go one of his charming smiles for the first time when upon Geet’s insistance, he burns his ex’s picture and flushes it in the toilet. A part of him ressurects when Geet calls him good looking and thus begins a conversation about how she would fall for him if she wasn’t committed. It just shows that Aditya was hungry for love, an emotion which he still had deep down inside him despite being a broken soul!

Aditya is probably a silent lover(like I am). He isn’t ready to face reality or even give his love a chance which is why he never really mentions it to Geet even though he makes sure to drop her to her destination thrice throughout the movie(which shows that he cares for her). The one when he drops her to Manali at her lover’s doorstep is when he resigns to his fate, that of never meeting her again. Yet she would silently reside in his heart, calling out to him, dancing with him and giving him the power to continue to live in her spirit! A bitter sweet moment of his life!

Aditya rushes for Geet to help her out despite being fully aware that they may not end up being together, an emotion of unconditional love, the one where you just do things for the person that you love without expecting anything in return. And when her lover returns, it is Aditya who prods Geet to accept him again. Yet he does not give up on her and continues to help her selflessly which is why destiny has other plans reserved for him.

Aditya’s love is true to the core which is why the whole universe conspires to end up with his one true love, Geet! Aditya is such a layered character but in many ways than one represents me. And as a viewer, I always root for him, for when he ends up with his love, I find a ray of hope for myself too😊.

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