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Your Honor (Season 2)

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Right the weekend is here and this weekend is going to be a test of our character here. Not only is there new content to be reviewed but this weekend will see as many as four new webseries releasing and all of them need to be reviewed in time. A lot of work to begin with but then lets do this! First up, I finished watching the secons season of Your Honor on SonyLiv. A series which was supposed to conclude last weekend itself had an odd sort of release where the first five episodes were released last weekend and the next five this weekend. This was odd particularly as SonyLiv does to usually resort to such tactics and hopefully this is just a one-off case. So straight to the point then – is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

An official adaptation of the Israeli Series by the same name, the second season of Your Honor starts off from the same point where season 1 had ended. The game gets murkier with the introduction of new characters here, will Judge Bishan Khonsla manage to save his son Abeer this time? The story maybe a notch below the first part but it is indeed gripping, tense and engaging. The screenplay is a slow burner and goes about its work leisurely. It takes time again to set the tone and introduce a few characters while rebuilding the world of Bishan Khonsla. There is a sense of intrigue as to where this show will be heading and what would be the dynamics of the characters. Some may find the drama a bit of a drag but this unfolds almost like a neo-noir thriller. If you remember the SonyLiv show Tabbar, this unfolds exactly like that with subtle twists and turns that will keep you invested. On the downside, the peak doesn’t really come through as almost the entire drama moves at the same wavelength. The final act is also mildly underwhelming but it nicely sets up the act for the third season that can go in any direction. Overall, quite a gripping and thrilling screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues definitely hold a lot of weight and make an impact. Also, the accent used by most characters just adds to the authenticity of the world surrounding them. The BGM is fabulous and does its bit in heightening the drama. The cinematography is brilliant and captures some of the frames effectively. Director E Niwas has done quite a good job in unfolding the drama like a neo-noir thriller thereby creating an interesting mix of characters that will keep you engaged.


The performances are quite good here. Varun Badola as Kaashi, Parul Gulati as Ruma and Suhasini Mulay as Gursheel, all shine in their respected cameos. Mahabir Bhullar as Satbir has his moments to shine. Akriti Singh as Mahi is excellent, so is Bhumika Dube as Latika. It was such a pleasure to watch Gulshan Grover as Gurjot. He has done a fabulous job. Mahie Gill as Yashpreet is excellent and this is a testimony of what an underrated actor she is. Zeishan Quadri as Jagda is outstanding and at one point you will be boiling with anger on him, which means a job well done. Kunj Anand as Harman has a terrific screen presence and he is simply terrific. Richa Pallod as Indu is wonderfully restrained and she does a fine job. Pulkit Makol as Abeer is the most improved actor from season 1. I remember criticizing him heavily in my review of season 1(available on Popcorn Reviewss). Here, there is a drastic improvement and hope he keeps getting better. Mita Vasisht as Kiran is an absolute joy to watch. Another role simply nailed! Jimmy Sheirgill as Judge Khonsla is excellent as usual and he literally holds the proceedings together. An amazing job done and collectively the entire cast deserve an applause!


The second season of Your Honor is gripping and thrilling unfolding like a neo-noir drama that is definitely worth your time. Available on SonyLiv.

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