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Metro Park (Season 1)

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After having covered all the major releases this week, I decided to put on my scouting hat and look for movies that might(or might not) be worth your time. Now, I have always been inclined to regional movies but here I decided to break the trend. I decided to look for web series that I may not have watched. While scrolling, I came across the web series Metro Park on Eros Now and I decided to go for it instantly. This is a comedy so does it tickle your funny bone, lets find out.

Metro Park(not to be confused with the quarantine edition of the show, this one is from 2019) is the story of a Gujarati family based out in US who recently shift to an area Metro Park in New Jersey. How they adjust to the new neighbourhood is what forms the story. The story is light, breezy, frothy and filled with dollops of humour. In fact, there were certain sequences that made me laugh my lungs out. The screenplay never gets too heavy, the proceedings are light and this can be binge watched straight-away in one go! This series is in the Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai mould which means the writing is sharp and I am sure that it will be relatable for many of my friends who are now in US. The dialogues are outstanding and they will definitely put a smile on your face. The director’s chair is donned by Abi Varghese and Ajayan Venugopalan and their direction is outstanding. They have never let the humour quotient go down and so here there is no respite from it!

All performances are outstanding. Pitobash as Bittu is an underrated actor with a great sense of comic timing(check him in Shor In The City). And here too he is fantastic. Omi Vaidya as Kannan fits perfectly in a role that seems to be tailor made for him. He can effortlessly carry out performances in such roles. Vega Tamotia as Kinjal is wonderfully restrained here and wish to see more of her in the future. Purbi Joshi as Payal – Hilarious. What a fine actress and nailing the one liners effortlessly in that Gujarati accent! Ranvir Shorey as Kalpesh has his incredible comic timing on display here. He makes you laugh even with simple lines in that Gujarati accent. It has been a while since I have seen him back in the comedy genre, he is simply outstanding to say the least!

Standing at 9 episodes of 20 minutes each, Metro Park is one of the best shows of India in the comedy genre. It is my guarantee that you will die laughing. Available on Eros Now and highly highly highly recommended! Enjoy your laugh-a-thon!