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Girls Hostel 2.0

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I am a fan of the TVF content and I have said this time and again. But if you were to ask me that one show which was pretty average by TVF standards, then that would have to be Girls Hostel Season 1. I found the writing to be loose and the drama just too frivolous. Maybe that is just me as the show enjoys a healthy imdb rating of 8.2. It was precisely this reason(of low expectations) that I delayed watching season 2 which was out this weekend on SonyLiv. And I have just finished watching it, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The season 2 of girls hostel brings back the ‘dental’ gang again wherein they are pitted against the medical snob for a college election. The story this time around has more meat and purpose which pleasantly got me interested. The screenplay, unlike other tvf productions, is mounted on a serious tone. The elections part is the main story but other sub-plots are equally impressive. If I have to throw some insights into them, then it is something that each girl at some point of time would have gone through and also something that we guys should NOT be proud of. There is humour here and there but the humour quotient is low which probably adds a lot of substance to the drama. Otherwise, this drama would have headed in the frivolous direction too! Also, the screenplay is taut and fast paced which keeps you glued throughout. In other words, the writing is very impressive.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are sharp, like is the case with all TVF productions. The one-liners are a hit as always. The music and BGM are both excellent and they blend well with the drama. Director Chaitanya Kumbhakonum has done a swell job here, he purposely adds that edginess which contributes well to the drama.


Gagan Arora(apna Bagga) impresses as Aarav. His charm will definitely win you over! Shreya Mehta as Ramya, the snooty snob who will go at any length to win, is yet again excellent though would love to watch her in a role which is completely different from this one, too. Khushbu Baid as loud mouthed Palak is fantastic. Jayati Bhatia as the meticulous Dean is first rate. Trupti Khamkar as the cute warden is hilarious. Simran Natekar as Mili looks so cute and has done a phenomenal job. It is her innocence that will stay with you after the show has ended. Ahsaas Channa as Richa is as natural as ever. Parul Gulati as Zahira looks gorgeous and is excellent here. Her natural screen presence makes you take notice of her instantly. But the star of the show and by some distance is one of my favourites Srishti Shrivastava as Jo. She has minimal dialogues to play with, and it is the mannerisms that she had to fall back on, and she is totally badass here! Her death stares are intimidating and the third episode when she does something(no spoilers) is goosebumps worthy. Hope to see more of her going forward!


The season 2 of Girls Hostel is totally worth your time. It is layered and another winner from TVF. Available on Sony Liv and Highly Recommended!