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Keeping up with some of the films from the festivals starting last week where I had watched the Japanese film Wheel Of Fortune and Fantasy, I handpicked a film that was the winner at the Cannes Film Festival this year in 2021. And I finished watching the French film Titane which is from the director of the French film Raw whose review you will also find on PopcornReviewss. Body Horror as a genre is a genre very sparingly tapped. Not only is it disgusting to watch but also quite enthralling at times with Raw being a perfect example among the fans. Does Titane, a film again in the body horror space, live upto the expectations, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Titane follows the story of a father who is reunited with his ‘son’ following some gruesome murders. The story is experimental and disgusting and borders on being illogical. But this is also what sets it apart. It is weirdly spectacular probably introducing an origin story of advanced species. I must admit I usually have a lot to say after watching a film but after finishing this one I was at a loss of words. I didn’t exactly know what to make of this film especially due to its weird concept. But at the end of the day, the film is unique and quite engaging. The screenplay is fast paced and wastes no time in getting to the point. There are ample amounts of graphic scenes filled with gore, violence, nudity and body horror that might potentially disgust you. In fact, the weak hearted would turn their faces almost to hide from the drama unfolding. While the first half unfolds like a thriller, the second half moves to a slightly emotional track. The layered screenplay reveals that the protagonist just needed a little love instead of all the abuse which was a routine in her world. There would be several scenes which will leave to scratching your head too but what I can say is, just try and absorb its sentiments without questioning the logic(this is an experimental film) and you may end up loving it. Fans of the body horror genre will absolutely take a liking to the film. But you need a strong gut to sit through this weird screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well penned although sparingly used like in all French films. The BGM is quite good and adds a layer to the narrative. Director Julia Ducournau has done a terrific job. If you have watched Raw then you would know that this is her comfort zone and she definitely excels in it.


The performances are spectacular. Vincent Lindon as Vincent does a splendid job as a chatacter who is lonely. His character is quite layered and he does full justice to it. Agathe Rousselle as Alexia literally puts her blood and sweat into her character, probably shouldering the film throughout. This was a very bold portrayal and her character demanded loads of gore and nudity in almost every second frame. This was indeed a performance that stays with you long after the movie has ended.


Titane is perhaps the most disgusting yet spectacular movie that I have seen all year. A film that stays with you long after it has ended. Highly Recommended from my end.

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