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The Worst Person In The World

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There is something about European Cinema that makes it subtly likable. Whether it is the lethargic or leisurely storytelling or the proceedings without any harakiri or extra spice or exaggeration that allows you enough time to invest in characters. We did see that this year in The Hand Of God or even Lamb of how different the storytelling technique is. With that I have finished another film that has been Shortlisted in the International Films Category at the 94th Academy Awards, The Worst Person In The World, an official entry of Norway. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Worst Person In The World follows the story of a young woman who makes her way through her love life and her career choices. The story is almost like a slice of life film and with the protagonist being around 30, it makes it all the more relatable as far as the drama is concerned. The screenplay is divided into 12 chapters that span over 4 years in the protagonist’s life. The tenderness in the drama is evident which makes it really closer to real life. The slow nature of the screenplay makes the drama layered and textured as well as fleshing out the characters here. So you can invest time in knowing the protagonist and form your own judgements. You are taken on this organic journey where the usual emotions are in play – love, attraction, breakup. This is the point where the film begins to speak to us almost allowing us to be a part of the story. There would be quite a few instances of you being attracted to someone you meet despite being in a relationship and that is so well captured here. Another instance being taking people for granted or not knowing their importance until we lose them, again perfectly shown here. The end of the film is bittersweet but it is a perfect coming of age drama that definitely is worth your time here. Overall, a well written screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are subtly and hold a lot of weightage to the drama. The music is beautiful and the BGM wonderfully blends well with the drama. Director Joachim Trier does a wonderful job in keeping the drama aesthetic and relatable. The fact that we as an audience are invested in the drama throughout means it is a green tick in the report card for the direction.


The performances are absolutely top notch. Herbert Nordrum as Elvind is quite charming and does a fabulous job here. Anders Danielsen Lie as Aksel is wonderfully restrained and he delivers a heartfelt performance. But the movie revolves around Renate Reinsve who has to do a lot of the heavy lifting here as Julie. She is absolutely brilliant and does a fabulous job here. Each of her emotions are literally felt throughout the film and this is a perfect portrayal of coming of age!


The Worst Person In The World is a beautiful coming of age portrayal of a flawed individual. Probably in the top 5 this year at the Academy Awards and Highly Recommended.

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