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Suno Chanda (Season 1)

Sana Patel
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I am a huge fan of Drama’s produced from across the border. Pakistani TV series are high on drama and are very well edited. Most of the shows are between 20 to 30 episodes which makes them super binge worthy. They are also easily accessible on YouTube without any subscription.

Suno Chanda is a romantic comedy drama which won several awards and accolades in its 30 episode run. The show became immensely popular due to which season 2 of this show was released in 2019.


The Story revolves around 2 cousins living under the same roof with their extended family. The two cousins, Arsalan Jamshed Ali (Farhan Saeed) and Ajiya Nazakat Ali (Iqra Aziz) are pressured into marrying each other to honor the last wish of their dying grandfather. Even though they have grown up together and are fond of each other, the unexpected and undesired marriage forced upon them puts them into a conflict. Ajiya and Arsalan both are extremely furious with their families as Ajiya wants to go to London to pursue her further studies whereas Arsalan is not ready to take responsibility of family.

After lot of name blaming and argument Ajiya and Arsalan realize that they both want to end the marriage and even though they a not meant to be life partners but they definitely make good crime partners. Together they plot to create rift and misunderstanding between the two families so that the families call off their understanding of their Nikah (Marriage). The two cousins with all their will try to formulate plans to turn their families against each other resulting in hilarious situational comedy.

The joint family of around 15 people consisting the youngest 10 year old DJ ( Ajiya’s brother) to the eldest Bi Jaan ( Grandmother) all have very different character traits and dialogue delivery style making this entire family hilarious and adorable.


This series is quirky, hilarious and wholesome. Iqra Aziz and Farhaan Saeed’s fun banter leads to amazing chemistry between them. Nadia Afghan’s Punjabi and sarcastic dialogues are so on point and hilarious that you will immediately fall in love with her. A fun family entertainer, highly recommended.


This show can only be enjoyed to the fullest if the viewer speaks the language. Lot of sarcasms and quirky dialogues can be lost in translation. Shanno (Nadia Afghan) as Arsal’s mother is unmatchable and enigmatic. This show is a pure ensemble cast with everyone delivering performances so well that their characters will be etched in your mind for the longest time. This show is a must watch for a wholesome family entertainment. The dialogue writer deserves a pat on the back too for been consistently funny.

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