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Spider-Man: No Way Home

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(NO SPOILERS AHEAD) And the weekend Biggie is here! In a post Lockdown world, if there was one film that was making noise then it was Spiderman No Way Home. Right from the time its first trailer was out there was a lot of hype surrounding the film. As the theatrical release got closer, there were reports of a huge opening in store with the advance booking in full swing. First I dismissed it as a PR stunt(although I was looking forward to watching the film). But one look at the Book My Show App and the buzz was for real. This buzz was equivalent to that of the magnum opus from the MCU Avengers : Endgame. Finally the movie was out on Friday and I was extremely lucky to get tickets. Well I have finally watched it and here are my two cents on the same. There would be a spoiler blog which would be published soon but please note this is A NON SPOILER REVIEW, so go ahead and read it!

Story & Screenplay

Spiderman No Way Home starts off from the point Far From Home had ended. And as promised, I am not going to reveal any bit of the plot here for you to have a great movie watching experience. But the buzz is for real! The story is mind boggling and probably the most that I have enjoyed for a superhero film. The screenplay is extremely fast paced with never a single dull moment. Peter Parker aka our friendly neighbourhood spiderman is reintroduced where he is unmasked in front of the whole world(no this ain’t a spoiler). From here on, you are in for an absolute treat. The twists and turns in the plot would make every MCU fan standup and take notice. The beauty with which the makers have combined the universes is excellent to watch. The 90s kids(like me) will find a part of the story nostalgic as well with some of the older supervillains reintroduced. And the thrill is intact with some excellent sequences ofcourse with an emotional thread that will keep you invested. The humour which is thrown in is also quite interesting to watch.  It was somewhere in the second half where a particular sequence made the audience whistle and hoot and literally bring the house down. That was the high that the movie does give you that ends on an interesting note where the universe is expanding! Overall, a blockbuster of a screenplay where I have tried to reveal almost nothing.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with one liners – some new and some old that are literally gems. The BGM was pulsating and added a layer of valour and intrigue. The VFX were top notch with some extremely choreographed sequences. If there are any makers watching then please take note. That is how you nail the action instead of trying too hard. Director Jon Watts definitely knows the pulse of the audience and he gives them an absolute treat. Not only does he nail the concept but also the execution which is top notch!


The performances are excellent. Benedict Cumberbatch as Foctor Strange is outstanding in an extended cameo. Merisa Tomei as Aunt May does have an emotional thread to her character. J K Simmons adds to the humour although this is more of in your face kind of humour. Jacob Batalon as Ned has an impeccable comic timing and does a great job. The legend Jamie Foxx shines as Electro. Alfred Molina as Dr. Octopus was my absolute favourite here! William Defoe is spectacular as well. I was the happiest to watch Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield together and both are outstanding. Zendaya as MJ is smashing and shares some crackling chemistry with Peter. But it is Tom Holland who does come off age here delivering a knockout punch. His character has a range of emotions and he does a spectacular job.


Spiderman No Way Home is the best Marvel film since the “Endgame”. A visual spectacle with an amazing and nostalgic concept. The buzz is real go for it in a theatre near you. Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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