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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Year 2018 has been a year where the smaller content driven movies have worked wonders whereas the massy entertainers have taken a backseat. However, before the year ends, Rohit Shetty, who has previously given mass entertainers like Singham and Singham Returns, comes up with yet another action filled cop drama, Simmba, a remake of the Telugu movie ‘Temper’. To be honest, the trailer looked stale…is the film any better or is it another troll material …lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Simmba is the story of a corrupt cop Simmba AKA Sangram Bhalerao who turns a good leaf following a serious incident. The story is quite predictable. I know what you are thinking…probably a dialogue from the movie – “Je malaa maahit nahi te saanga, Tell me something I don’t know🤣”. The story is done and dusted a million times. The screenplay in the first half is sketchy and frivolous(‘Aankh Maare’ being the saving grace) with a few light moments and many random scenes just appearing one after the other. Not boring but plain random! But the proceedings come to life in the second hour and how! With multiple ‘seeti maar’ dialogues(penned by Farhad Samji), the film works brilliantly post the interval. The action scenes and cinematography are excellent. Director Rohit Shetty is a modern day Manmohan Desai who very well knows the pulse of his audience. Also, he raises his game in the second hour. Great Direction!


Ashutosh Rana(this time in a positive role) and Siddhartg Jadhav(with impeccible comic timing) are outstanding in their roles. Sonu Sood(average at best) is typecast now in such roles and needs to reinvent himself. Sara Ali Khan is does not have ‘bohot sara’ work to do but still she is charming and does a good job. Ajay Devgn in his cameo just brings the house down with his entry. Deafening Seetis and Taalis of the loudest order! But the man of the match is Ranveer Singh as Simmba who infuses alot of energy into his role. He keeps the viewers engaged with his over the top antics and comic timing in the first hour while packing a punch in the second!


Simmba is a masala family entertainer that does not disappoint you!! 2018 has been a great year for Bollywood and Simmba makes sure that the year ends with a bang! Cheers to the New year 2019! 

PS : There is a surprise cameo by another superstar right at the end!! Watch the movie to find out!

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