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Physics Wallah

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the first new content of ‘technically’ the weekend and I finished watching the new Hindi series Physics Wallah which is streaming on Amazon Mini TV. Based on the life of Alakh Pandey who is known by the name Physics Wallah, I was really looking forward to the series especially because I have watched a couple of his videos on Youtube and it was mind-blowing to witness how the most complex topics in physics were explained in a rather simplistic manner. Also his trademark style of Helloooooo Bachchonnnn(Hey Kids) did ring in a positive vibe at the start of the video.

I have done my engineering and so I do have a fascination for Science. I am enthralled by the concepts and theories that the subject has to offer. And because I am into reviewing content that are doing the rounds as well, I am equally fascinated by films or series that have a central theme of science, be it a sci-fi or a biopic like it is the case with Physics Wallah. So with much hope I ventured into this brand new series Physics Wallah on Amazon Mini TV, is it worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Physics Wallah is a biopic that traces the life of Alakh Pandey from his early days in the education industry to one of the most celebrated teachers of our country. The story here is really heartfelt although fairly predictable as to what it wants to convey. The screenplay here standing at 6 episodes of roughly 40 odd to 50 odd minutes does make for a brisk watch without the drama overstaying its welcome!

The drama begins with the introduction of the protagonist who is rather confused about his career. Early on itself, it is established that he doesn’t approve of the education system which is provided in colleges. As destiny would have it, he lands up with a job at a coaching centre that does act as a steep learning curve. The integration of science in the narrative was really well done and in an interesting manner with live examples and practicals.

The proceedings are entertaining and really heartwarming to begin with. The vibe of the drama is positive and slowly but surely you as an audience is invested in the journey of the protagonist. The slow but steady growth of the protagonist is a heartfelt one although there are roadblocks and challenges which he has to overcome. There is a minor subplot revolving around his love life which I did not quite approve of. This is not because the subplot was bad, it did work individually, however it did take the focus away from the main drama. But credit to the writers for stalling the minor slide and recovering well in time.

There are moments where the individual is shown to be vulnerable, lacking purpose in his life and almost in a state of depression. All of us have been at that stage at some point of time but the challenge lies in swiftly turning things around. Here, in a beautiful episode of self discovery, the protagonist is told rather philosophically about the purpose of his existence which is to impart knowledge thereby being a shiny speck of dust before vanishing from the face of this earth. What a wonderful thought that did resonate so well with me! And thus begins his new journey of Youtube.

Things start to get relatable since I have been doing Youtube actively for 8 months now(Channel Name : Popcorn Reviewss). Many people do come and congratulate you which is a warm feeling in itself. But not many people do know the amount of effort that has been going on in your work resulting in sleepless nights of insecurity and self-doubt. I still remember the jubilation when one of my videos did reach the 1k mark for the very first time. It was a brief emotional moment although the journey I knew was long and continuous. Similar is the fate of Popcorn Reviewss which was launched a couple of years back. The amount of accolades is a result of a lot of work featuring Harsh and I which in turn have started bearing fruit. But we have often hit rock bottom only to climb back up again! Rome wasn’t built in a day and that is something that is shown wonderfully here as well. The vulnerabilities of an individual while slowly making his way to the top was a case of brilliant writing here.

The drama does touch upon how the education industry has become a money making industry these days. And the competition involved is so severe that the smaller players are often consumed by the bigger sharks. This aspect is nicely shown here, its undercurrent does flow right throughout its narrative from the halfway mark. But on a small downside, things do get repetitive here and probably a good 10 minutes could have been further snipped out for a tighter consumption. Also the end although heartfelt did seem slightly cliched and underwhelming. But overall, the writing does impress here with the overall heartfelt yet inspirational vibe which it possesses.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are crisp and wonderfully well penned. Some of the one-liners are sharp and at times poignant as well. The music and BGM are good and they nicely blend with the mood of the drama. The cinematography and editing are decent as well. Director Abhishek Dhandharia does a swell job in creating several heartfelt and inspirational moments right throughout the drama. His direction does bring out the human elements of an individual really well.


The performances are really good here. Niharika Venkatesh as Tanya and Snower Sania Vasudev as Soniya have their moments to shine as do Vishal Bharadwaj as Naman and Yatendra Bahuguna as Dhawan. Anjuman Saxena as Alakh’s mother is heartwarming, always a silent support for her son. Oksana Sidorova as Lily essays the role of an important catalyst and she does impress despite a limited screentime. Anurag Thakur as Tushar is first rate, contributing well in the lighter moments of the drama as well.

Anuraag Arora as Vyom Upadhyay is wily and calculative in a job done really well. Ishika Gagneja as Shivangi is earnest, sincere and rather affable. Saif Hyder as Prateek is well restrained and has a calming influence on the protagonist. Radha Bhatt as Aditi is exceptional here as the guiding force in the protagonist’s life. Her character is warm and really endearing. But it is Shriidhar Dubey who is absolutely brilliant as Alakh Pandey aka Physics Wallah. His mannnerism were as close to what I had seen in Alakh’s video. He is wonderfully expressive without going overboard and comes out with absolute flying colours. Really wish to watch more of his work going forward.


Physics Wallah is a heartfelt story of an inspiring noble teacher that does make for a good watch. Available on Amazon Mini TV.

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