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'Phenomena' Ending, Explained: Where does Gloria suddenly disappear?

A Spanish horror-comedy by Carlos Theron employs three female protagonists to create humor and horror and to investigate the paranormal. The film begins by introducing the characters to the audience, starting with Fr. Pilon, who established the Hepta Group, which is responsible for investigating the paranormal phenomenon. We are also told about Sagrario Ruiz de Carvajal, Gloria, and Paz, the three middle-aged women who are on a mission to find out what happened to Fr. Pilon and perhaps want to explore every opportunity that comes their way. They have been together for a long time, and therefore there is a certain camaraderie they have with one another. In the beginning, they take Pablo a lover of science as their physicist to help them.

As they investigate, they understand and try to explain the varied happenings at the antique store. Fr. Pilon knew about the paranormal activity at the store, and he was attacked in the same place; therefore, to learn more, the trio embarks on this search. Each to their own, Sagrario searches for her dead husband Carlos but has not been able to find him, Paz is a grandmother and therefore worried about her grandchildren, and Gloria wants to quit the psychic job and focus on pharmacy instead. Despite their own battles, they come together when their leader is attacked and give their best to solve the issue.

Why Do Sagrario And Paz Investigate By Themselves?

Fr. Pilon at first decided to investigate the case of the antique store all by himself, but then he was attacked by the supernatural entity, and therefore, the trio wanted to know more. They wanted to find out exactly what happened in the store and also confirm whether or not there was paranormal activity happening at the store. Fr. Pilon is almost on his deathbed, and an investigation into the antique store case would help improve his condition. The three women, along with Pablo, go to meet the owners, Enrique and Marisa. Both of them welcome the investigators and excitedly share about the odd events taking place at the store. Although there are dark events taking place, Marisa is excited about the happenings and wants to know more about them. Enrique is troubled a bit and anxious about his life, and he suffers from conditions like hair loss and hyperhidrosis. As a weakling, one could assume that he would be possessed by the ghost present in the store. And thus, when Gloria calls on the spirit residing in the store using the Ouija board, the spirit, though hostile, introduces himself as Quimi. Not just that, it possesses Enrique and starts to torture him. The women and Pablo try to stop the spirit, but before it leaves Enrique, it reveals to Gloria that she will soon be judged.

Interestingly, Gloria, who is the psychic among the three women, allows Pablo to take control of the Ouija board, revealing to him that he, too, is a psychic and that he has to unlearn a lot of things and develop the gift that he has. Gloria, thus, requests Pablo to leave. After this event, Paz leaves her cameras to record any activity at the store, and all three are left to spend time at a bar discussing their lives. Paz remembers a past incident where Gloria was almost killed by a priest’s spirit at Vergara Palace. Sagrario takes the opportunity to accuse Gloria of not doing anything to look for her husband, Carlos. The past traumatic memory and the accusation make Gloria get angry with Sagrario, and she tells both of them that she has already decided to quit the group, thus creating a rift between them and leaving Sagrario and Paz to investigate the case without Gloria.

Why Was The Caretaker Arrested?

When Sagrario and Paz go to the store, they learn a completely different story. Sagrario, having found evidence of physical abuse, tells the caretaker that she would like to take the testimony of her daughter regarding the storage case. But during the conversation, she realizes when she sees the wounds that the caretaker on several occasions has physically abused her daughter. Paz, at the same time, while checking through the camera footage, comes to know of the physical abuse and, therefore, senses trouble for Sagrario and goes to help her, trying to distract the caretaker. Nevertheless, the caretaker comes to know that Sagrario and Paz have found out about her and therefore wants to hurt them. But when both Sagrario and Paz are incapacitated, Gloria comes to help. Thus, the daughter of the caretaker is safely taken to a secure place, and the caretaker is arrested.

‘Phenomena’ Ending Explained – Where Does Gloria Suddenly Disappear?

After the incident, the three women want to leave the antique store, but Gloria suddenly remembers that she has forgotten her crystal ball somewhere in the store. Thus, she goes back to get it. But the crystal ball is found by Sagrario in Gloria’s handbag. But by then, Gloria is already possessed by the spirit, so they hear a shriek from the store. Both of them rush to the store to save Gloria, but other than her jacket, nothing is found.

Sagrario and Paz move the wardrobe and find that there is a cave inside where Gloria, who is possessed, is sitting and waiting for the arrival of the two witches. The evil spirit states that he wants to kill the three witches. But Paz constantly reminds Gloria to fight back. She suggests to Gloria that she ask for help from Fr. Pilon, and interestingly, the spirit of Fr. Pilon asks Gloria to transport the evil spirit of Fr. Manuel to him through her special powers which she needs to recognize. The evil spirit tries to divert the attention of Sagrario by calling upon Carlos and sharing the correct code they had shared. The spirit wants to hurt Gloria, but she fights back, submitting the spirit to Fr. Pilon, who takes it away, and they are all saved from the evil spirit. As Gloria drowns, Sagrario, with the help of her belt, saves her and, in the process, loses her belt, which reminds her of her beloved husband.

The spirit that possessed Gloria was the same spirit that had attacked her years ago at Vergara Palace. The spirit was of Fr. Manuel Isidro Sarmiento, who was relegated from a small church and forbidden to conduct any witch hunts. But he was obsessed with it and therefore went about it till he was burned at the same place where Fr. Pilon was attacked. Fr. Manuel needed only three more women to be killed to beat his rival, Pierre de Lancre. But then that plan of the evil spirit is foiled.

The three women decide to continue investigating the paranormal even after the death of Fr. Pilon. Sagrario is now ready to move on, so she makes advances towards Jesus, a waiter who works at the restaurant they visit quite often. But you notice as the mid-credits run that Jesus stands watching the glasses break on their own and then smiling at the phenomenon of the spirit taking over him. Could the spirit of Fr. Manuel still lurk around? Or Is the spirit of Sagrario’s husband trying to communicate? Only an answer to the above two questions could help us understand the sudden breaking of the glasses at the restaurant. The breaking of the glasses by itself gives us also a hint that the paranormal energies will still continue to haunt mankind and the women will never run out of job investigating the phenomenon.

In any case, all three women after this experience of handling such a powerful evil spirit all by themselves will now be confident to crack further cases that will come their way. Sagrario, who although wants to move on, will still deep down expect a sign from her dead husband. Gloria after the traumatic possession by the spirit will be able to handle spirits of a similar kind and bring them to rest. Paz through her documentation will be able to record newer experiences for further study. And for sure there is will be no end to paranormal activity and the films that will be made about it.

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