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Pakka Commercial

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have a couple of leftovers to cover. With that I finished watching the new Telugu film Pakka Commercial on Netflix. Yes the film has the word ‘Commercial’ in it which means I did expect a mass masala entertainer although I knew nothing about the film. But seldom did I know that my next 2.5 hours were going to be a ‘Pakka’ waste of time. Without any further ado, here are my two cents on Pakka Commercial and you already know what to expect in my review.

Story & Screenplay

Pakka Commercial follows the story of the protagonist obsessed with wealth who crosses swords with his principle driven father in court. The story is nothing short of a mess but like they say in mass masala entertainers, as long as they are entertaining all is forgiven. Sadly, there is very little in the screenplay which can be forgiven. Standing at 150 minutes, this is a daunting watch right from the onset. And boy was this a train wreck!

To get a few positives out of the way, the start of the drama was decent although old school. The whole sequence of a principle driven judge giving a verdict only to later regret it meant for a nice little setup. Also briefly, a scene involving some junior artists who play fighters are beaten up makes for a mildly funny sequence. But other than that, all things go awry in a ridiculously penned screenplay.

Firstly let me get this straight. I am not against any mass masala entertainers and have ensured my share of over the top films. But when you get to witness some of the most cringe-worthy scenes in the name of entertainment then I get riled up. You just cannot take the intelligence of the audience for granted. So in case you are interested, you have a few scenes where the humour is forced and not once did I even smile. Also, there are action scenes with people flying everywhere and also bouncing around(literally). The entire sequence involving an TV actress caught in a court case due to her character being killed off in her daily soap was designed to be funny but it ended up irritating me.

The writing is confused on what it wanted to say. While the twist at the end was good although very predictable, the intentions of the protagonist were far fetched and very questionable. Not sure if it is just me which is over analyzing this film but how was the story even approved in the first place. Had this been a Bollywood film, the amount of hate would have gone through the roof. Again had this film been entertaining then there would have been some redemption. But sadly it is not the case here and by a margin!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are loud and cringe-worthy which absolutely land flat with the humour. The music is average and the songs deter the flow of the drama(although I must admit some meta references to start the songs was good). The BGM is adequate. Director Maruthi does a ridiculously bad job. His direction is patchy and he fails to create any amount of interest for most parts of the film.


The performances are not great either barring a couple. Aditi Gautam as Amulya looks pretty and does a fine job. Sathyaraj as Surya is quite good too. But the rest of the cast just ham through their scenes. Raashi Khanna as Lawyer Jhansi is just over the top and fails terribly in her comic timing. Rao Ramesh as Vivek overacts through his teeth and his performance is quite honestly irritating. Gopichand as Lawyer Ramchandra is just style and no substance in a role where he fails to engage the audience.


Pakka Commercial is a Pakka Disaster, no two ways about it. Steer Clear! Available on Netflix if you must.

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