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You know what is the best thing to come out of this quarantine season? The content on OTT platforms. Yes, I have been reviewing movies from down South and one of the reasons for it is their impressive story telling technique. And time and again I have mentioned in my review, that this is something that the markets back home need to learn. But having said that, there have been impressive story telling techniques in hindi webseries like Sacred Games, Delhi Crime and Panchayat to name a few. This week releases Paatal Lok another offering from Amazon Prime. The trailer seemed impressive….is the series worth your time, lets find out! 

Paatal Lok is the story of an investigation carried out by a cop over a failed assassination attempt of a TV journalist that soon turns upside down opening a can of worms. The story is excellent and extremely cerebral. The screenplay is layered, convoluted, cerebral and so engaging that it just keeps you wanting for more. In a recent interview, Sudip Sharma, one of the writers of the show had mentioned that he had spent almost 2 years developing the script. Well, it just shows with each minute detail layed out with well etched characters! Also, it tackles so many aspects of our society like issue of caste, religion, bigotry and the current system that we all are part of and also cleverly integrates portions of mythology. The dialogues are sharp. The realms of direction is handled by two directors Prosit Roy(who had directed Pari) and Avinash Arun(who had directed the marathi film Killa, Highly Highly Recommended) have done a phenomenal job with the intricate details and delivering such a polished product! These guys deserve a huge round of applause! 

The performances are on another level here with each character standing out! Gul Panag is totally convincing as the doting housewife. Swatika Mukherjee has this sense of innocence yet vulnerability associated with her character. Niharika Lyra Dutt looks pretty and is outstanding. Rajesh Sharma has his moments to shine. So does Bipin Sharma. Jagjeet Sandhunand Ishwak Singh are the two finds of the series, both are simply outstanding! Mairembam Ronaldo Singh shines in a twisted role. Nikita Grover in a cameo is simply outstanding. Neeraj Kabi is a fantastic actor and once again he proves his mettle in a character that is rather unassuming and shifting. Abhishek Banerjee, omg, he is meditative and chilling as Hathoda Tyagi. With so little dialogues to play with, he still leaves a lasting impression! In my review of Baaghi 3, I had mentioned I feel sorry for Jaideep Ahlawat. Because this is what he is capable of. And I am the happiest seeing him get his chances and look at the way he has grabbed it. A performance of a lifetime! Such a pleasure watching him perform, hope he keeps getting good work!

Paatal Lok is another winner from Amazon Prime. Kudos to the makers for putting out this twisted tale, I am indeed running short of phrases. One big shoutout to Anushka Sharma for backing this project. Such webseries are not made everyday, and so do not miss this at any cost! Paatal Lok is story telling of the highest order and a must watch!! Highly Highly Recommended!

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