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We are at the last day of 2020, a year that has been historic in more ways than one. Not only has it been a year of the pandemic but also about a year of survival. And with us being a step away from the new year, we at popcorn reviews bring to you, the last movie review of the year! And so I have just finished watching the animation film Soul on Disney plus Hotstar. Does it end the year on a high, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Soul is the story of a music teacher who has his soul separated from his body, soon after he nails his Jazz audition at a club. The story like in all Disney animation movies is heartwarming. It just blows my mind as to how Disney has a knack of effectively conveying the most complex topics in a simple way. The screenplay is so well written. The first half introduces us to the main protagonist while exploring the concepts of life after death and the before life. It also explains us ways in which the invisible helpers guide our souls. You will connect to it if you have read a few books about the afterlife. And come the second hour, the movie begins to talk to you. It makes you think about the things that truely matter to you – the simplest joys of the world. So heartwarming is the screenplay that you will definitely shed a tear or two.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are so simplistic which effectively convey a rather heavy concept. The music is wonderful and blends well with the drama. Director Pete Doctor has tackled a rather complex subject with utmost simplicity. His direction is subtly crafty! The movie is a visual delight too, something that I would have loved to watch on the big screen.


The voiceovers by Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey are wonderful. They truely are the ‘souls’ of the movie. All other voiceovers are spectacular.


Soul is a mood uplifter, an emotional journey that is philosophical and complex yet simplistic in its approach. Stop what you are doing and watch this animation flick immediately. A perfect way to end the year 2020 and welcome the new year on a high! Off you go on a ‘Soul’ stirring ride! Available on Disney+Hotstar (Premium) and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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