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This one was straight out of the blue to be honest. I was not planning to watch or review something as random(in the wake of the new releases and NOT the content) as this. Usually in my review, it is much later on that you get to know if I have enjoyed a film or not. But let me get this straight, I have just finished watching Seaspiracy on Netflix and it was the most painful and mind numbing experience while watching any content recently. This is a documentary for starters and through the course of this review I will tell you why is this not only relevant but a must watch.

Story & Screenplay

Seaspiracy follows the story of an ocean enthusiast and an activist(primarily a photographer) as he sets out to find answers about the declining population of dolphins. What follows is a mind numbing journey that will stay with you long after the documentary has ended. The screenplay packs in so many factors and also makes an effort of how other creatures are impacted if one important part of the food chain is fast diminishing. And that includes humans too! But the very factor that they are diminishing is us humans. The most corrupt and selfish breed ever to be born. This documentary not only angers you but also literally wrenches every bit of your heart as the fish are literally slaughtered in their habit as a part of industrial fishing or even worse sustainable fishing(what in the world does that even mean?). And to top it up, the grand cover up by major corporates with zero responsibility or explanation to anyone. You can almost feel my emotions as I continue to type this. And this is just at the surface!


The thing with documentaries is that at times they are just talks and less of vituals. Here, while there is talk that is crisp, this documentary prefers to show things the way they are, absolutely undiluted. That leaves a lasting impact, the visuals are disturbing and will continue to flash in front of you. Such is the massive impact here.

My Take

You remember the time when there was a lockdown a year back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And there were imageries of clear blue skies with so many animals spotted at the most unexpected places and dolphins seen at a distance near the shore. Nature was healing itself from all the traumas and toxicities related to humans. I am surprised how little importance we as humans give to nature, by littering the beaches and killing animals and fish for food mercilessly. Not only are they harmful for the body but also to nature. The best way to save the ocean ecosystem(that has the ability to absorb four times the carbon dioxide as compared to Amazon Rainforest) is by letting it be and not eating fish. The documentary does provide you solutions too, to go the plant way and eat healthy thereby helping nature heal. As they say someone has to standup, it can be some’one’ that one who can make a difference. Being a vegetarian/vegan and saving the planet will make you a superhero.


Seaspiracy is a mind numbing experience which acts as an absolute eye opener. Drop everything and watch this now! Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!