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Yeah dull weekend and no new releases, but you have to keep the show running right? So I decided to put my scouting hat on and zeroed in on a film on the Aha app. And so I have just finished watching Mail on the Aha app. I did get a few recommendations sometime back about this movie. Another thing was that I did not watch its trailer and decided to go into the movie blind. Was it worth it, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Mail is the story of a computer being brought in a remote village and the repercussions that follow. The story has a sense of innocence to it and is also believable. I still remember the first time that I had got a computer. I was all of 10 years old and fascinated by it. Even while operating it, there was this fear of the unknown which now when I look back is just hilarious. The screenplay tackles all of these elements well. The comedy here is situational and manages to bring a smile to your face. Yes the drama is predictable but it taut and really worth your time. On the downside, the writing slips that wee bit towards the end wherein certain coincidences are introduced in the drama that takes away a bit of the shine from it. But nevertheless, the drama will leave a smile on your face!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are nicely written, some of them will bring a smile on your face. The BGM quietly blends with the drama. Director Uday Gurrala has done a fine job here. The innocence of the villages was the key element here and if that wasn’t addressed properly, the whole movie would have fallen flat. But he really keeps that intact and comes out with flying colours.


Priyadarshi Pullikonda as Hybath is hilarious as the chap who knows the most about computers in the village though not everything. The virus scene was downright hilarious. Gouri Priya as Roja looks so pretty and is simply superb and wonderfully restrained. Ravinder Bommakanti as Shivanna has done a swell job. Mani Aegurla as Subbu plays perfect foil to the protagonist. He plays his friend who is a little goofy but good at heart. Harshith Malgireddy as Ravi is simply brilliant. He has a pleasant personality and it is the innocence of his character that drives the movie.


Mail is a refreshing take on technology as we know it today. It will make you laugh and leave a smile on your face. Available on Aha.

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