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There is a new anthology movie in town. The last one that I had watched and reviewed was at the start of the year, Ghost Stories. Anthology is a tricky genre. All stories have to be true to the subject, yet different in each way. Forbidden Love that I have just watched tackles the dark shades of sexuality. Each story has a massive twist at the end, so will not be revealing much. Also, I will be resorting to a fresh template of review exclusively for anthology films wherein I will rate each story individually and then give out my final rating. So here we go!

#ArrangedMarriage – A story of a homosexual couple who are madly in love till one of them is forced to be married. The story is good with a layered screenplay. The ending is a little bizarre but taking nothing away from the journey. Director Pradeep Sarkar has done a good job with the subject. Ali Fazal, Omkar Kapoor and Patralekha are outstanding in their roles.
MyRating : 3.5/5!

#Anamika – A story of a married woman falling in love with a stranger. More than what meets the eye? The story is extremely well written and the screenplay is even better. The chemistry between the two characters is infectious! But the final twist will leave you shell shocked. Priyadarshan(I am so glad he is back) has done a phenomenal job. Harsh Chhaya is good in his cameo. Aditya Seal and Pooja Kumar are both brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed this short!
MyRating : 4/5!

#RulesOfTheGame – A story of a bored couple who decide to spice things up. What could possibly go wrong? I found this story the best of the lot. The screenplay is layered, complicated and just perfectly written. Director Anuriddha Roy Chaudhary(who directed Pink) has done an astounding job here. Anindita Bose is very good. Two very talented actors Aahana Kumra and Chandan Roy Sanyal are outstanding. This one is the best of the lot!
MyRating : 4.5/5!

#DiagnosisOfLove – The story of a hospital MD who is adamant on recruiting a surgeon who has a murder charge on him. The story is decent. The screenplay is good but lacks the depth as compared to other movies on display here. Director Mahesh Manjrekar has done a decent job, his acting is pretty good though. Rannvijay Singh is good. Raima Sen and Vaibhav Tatwawaadi are the two stars of the show and save this film to an extent.
MyRating : 3/5!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Forbidden Love. One of the best anthology films made in our country! Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended!

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