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A long and busy week at work. And finally here is the weekend. Yes, we are quarantined but we still need a good flick to unwind don’t we. Few days ago, I happened to watch the trailer of the new Netflix movie, Extraction. Though the trailer was under 3 minutes, it promised sab bad ass action sequences and more than one adrenaline rush. And so, this Friday (or Saturday) post midnight, I decided to begin my weekend on a high with this movie. Did it deliver on what was promised…lets find out.

Extraction is the story of a mercenary who is deployed in Dhaka to ‘extract’ a young boy who is kidnapped by a local drug lord. I know what you are thinking….what is new in the story right? Well, I didn’t sign up for the story or for the matter the screenplay. The screenplay has its share of twists but with action at its epicentre, it hardly gives you time to breath and digest things. And with an almost 40 minute climax at the end, what more can you ask for. The action is outstanding with the way it has been choreographed, with the camera following each blow to the ground and crisply edited sequences which would give you a high and leave you asking for more! Director Sam Hargrave (much like our very own Rohit Shetty) knows the pulse of his audience and throws every trick in the bag and makes the proceedings work and how!

Pankaj Tripathi in a cameo is just wasted. Priyanshu Painyuli is a good actor but here it is a clear case of a miscast as he just doesn’t look menacing enough and to be honest the writing doesn’t allow him to evolve too. Golshifteh Farhani is excellent and more so in the climax where she comes alive! Rudraksh Jaiswal is decent. Randeep Hooda is just outstanding and he also excels in a few action sequences. And it is the dashing Chris Hemsworth who absolutely steals the show with his brutal looks and his even brutal action sequences.

Extraction is a powerhouse of an action film, just ideal for the quarantine season and more importantly after a hard week at work. I just wished I could have witnessed this movie on the big screen with all the sound effects, and that would definitely have been a paisa vasool experience. A must watch especially for all action junkies!

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