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Four More Shots Please(Season 2)

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Finally, made it this Saturday!! Long story short – my wifi wasn’t working. Yes, a millennial problem. Anyway, I managed to squeeze in the second season of Four More Shots Please on Amazon Prime. Now, I hadn’t watched season 1 until very recently when I discovered that season 2 was going to be out soon and because we are in quarantine, I needed some new content to review. I didn’t really have hopes from season 1, but it did pleasantly surprise me with its breezy writing and some top notch performances. And now here we are with season 2 where the girl gang is back. Do they turn on the heat yet again….lets find out. 

The second season of Four More Shots Please(FMSP) starts off from the point where season 1 had ended, and for those who don’t know, season 1 had ended on a rather dark note. But season 2 begins on a more fun note where the gang reunite. The screenplay is breezy yet again discussing problems of all millennials and certain complexes that girls face. A few problems are generic and even if genders are swapped, the basic emotion does stay. However, the writing takes a bit of a dent towards the end in the 9th and 10th episodes where things aren’t as breezy. However(and thankfully), this dent doesn’t lead to a train wreck, instead there are a few spikes at the end! One thing to marvel on is the cinematography and the way my city- Mumbai, is being shot. Amazing! The dialogues are the way we talk in our daily lives and routines. Nupur Asthana(Mere Dad Ki Maruti and the infamous 90s show Hip Hip Hurray, Highly Recommended) takes the directorial reigns from Anu Menon who directed the last season and she has done a good job as well. 

New entrants Prabal Panjabi, Samir Kochchar and Shibani Dandekar all get their moments to shine. Neil Bhoopalam and Amrita Puri are quite good. Lisa Ray who has quite a meaty role is first rate. Milind Soman is 54 years old but he hasn’t aged a bit, also he is such a natural. Prateik Babbar is a revelation and does full justice to his role. Maanvi Gagroo looks cute and is such a natural onscreen. Bani J has some heavy lifting to do(literally too) and she excels. Sayani Gupta, who by the way is my favourite out of the four, is so underrated as an actor but she is indeed top notch here. I still feel her conflict could have been explored more! Kirti Kulhari is really a joy to watch and collectively the four of them have some great chemistry together! 

FMSP season 2 might be just a notch below season 1 but it still gives a great message, that at the end nothing remains besides friendship. Until the next season, keep the shots coming… 

PS : On a lighter note, yeh webseries mein every one is filthy rich, gareeb koi hai hi nahi😅

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